Sunday, August 19, 2007

Avoid Tetanus Shots!

So, I have discovered, as is true for most medical things in my life, that I have extreme reactions to tetanus shots! Sometimes I think that if given the option for one thing I could change about my body, it would not be to lessen my Thorley style back-side :), but it would be to have a stronger immune system. It's like if something is out there to catch - I catch it. If something can be caught lightly or hard - I catch the worst variety possible. This tetanus shot I had the other is horrific. And a prime example of this whole phenomenon in my life.

I innocently go to the doctor for my yearly check up. Which, on a side note...I love my doctor, and I now have to find a new doctor because of my insurance change, and this makes me very sad...any who...this doctor, whom I love so much, asks me when I got my last tetanus shot because she can't find any records of it anywhere. I confess, silly me, that I can't remember. So as her parting words to me after quite a long consultation, she informs me I need to get my tetanus booster and the nurse will be in to do it before I go.

That was Thursday. It hurt. A lot (not the actual getting of the shot - that was mild - but the whole extreme soreness of the arm that developed). By Friday night, I had a temperature of about 100, could barely move my arm, my shoulders and neck had completely swollen up, I was exhausted, and had a huge, nasty red welt type thing where the shot had been given. It's now Sunday, and I can still feel a continual stinging in my arm where I continue to have a rather large, nasty looking red, swollen lumpish thing where I received the shot. At least I'm no longer exhausted or running a temperature - look on the bright side I guess!

So, my final conclusion is that tetanus shots are evil, and I'm not sure what would be worse - actually getting the tetanus or dealing with the prevention!

That's my gripe and I'm sticking to it!

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