Thursday, September 20, 2012

One more day

and I'm going to be flying to England! Yay! So excited! This last week has been filled with so much craziness of trying to get everything set up and ready before we leave, I'm having a hard time accepting we're so close. And yet at the same time, every hour seems to take FOREVER! And no, I'm not completely packed yet. Partially packed, yes., very much no. Sigh. Ready to leave now!

My parents are flying out of Bangkok sometime in the next few hours (of course they'll arrive before they left, which is always convenient). They'll pick us up from the airport at a decent time, UK time (0730ish) but at an indecent hour US time (0330ish!). Oh well, should make for an ultimately faster "get over jetlag" experience. I hope. I just hope little Miss Blueberry will not pull out her cranky pants because we have to drive to the Lake District from the airport, which is about another hour and a half.

After that, 1 week of bliss....followed by traveling around various parts of England.

I know, you wish you were me right now :)  See you in a few weeks!

Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes (vol. 27)

#1 -Thanks to Netflix, I've been watching a lot of Hercule Poirot lately in my (ha ha) free time. Which basically means I'll watch a bunch at once and none for a long time. I do love Poirot. Any ways, Blueberry settled into her little lazy boy chair this afternoon and announced she was going to watch "Poro" with me, which I find rather amusing. Fortunately the episodes aren't bloody or violent, more intellectual. And for my geek readers out there, I was surprised and delighted to find one of the actors in an episode last night to be Christopher Eccleston (for those who this name does not bring immediate recognition, he's the 9th Doctor from Doctor Who--for those who have no idea what that means, well, I can't help you. You're missing out. Embrace your inner geek and watch.).


#2 - Just got a new book thanks to my aunt (in-law). How the Heather Looks  by Joan Bodger. From the description, a families trip to discover the location of famous British children's literature. The description excites me and I'm now contemplating how fast I can finish my current book because this one is begging to be read!


#3 - Am supposed to be doing the bills right now. Am instead procrastinating by writing instead. Utilizing the skills the Lord has given me--keeping fresh--ok, ok. Avoiding a task I just don't want to do. I admit. Have been painstakingly working through my to do list. I feel like we're getting through pretty smoothly so far. I just have to keep the momentum going. Fortunately, I'm finally beginning to feel like I've gotten some energy. First time in this pregnancy so far. Apparently baby boys exhaust me.


#4 - In one week from today I should be on an airplane on my way to England. Yayness!


#5 - Enjoyed the half-price day at a consignment sale today. Didn't need much for Blueberry, but was trying to get some inspiration for Baby Q. Don't want to buy much for him at this point because I imagine we'll be given some (permanently or borrowing), but I had to enjoy some :)  By the time he's born, we'll only be a month or so out from the spring consignment sale, so I figure I can really get what I need then (in terms of clothes) with much better knowledge.

#6 - Why is it that I can never find jeans that I really like but I've managed to buy two pairs of maternity jeans that look great? One online (needed hemming--was a petite size but still had to hem it) and one off the rack in a speed shopping trip that took me a total of 15 minutes from the time I parked to the time I checked out. The second pair was an emergency pair. I had two pairs of jeans from Blueberry--one of which had paint stains and was just rather grungy--comfy for around the house but not ones I like to wear out much; the other a nice fitting, looking, pair of jeans. Well the nice pair went and got a hole in the crotch making them unwearable. And given our upcoming trip--including travel to the Lake District--the land of walking, only having one pair of jeans seemed like a bad idea. So I found a store that sold maternity clothes and in 15 minutes (that was all I had) selected a pair of petite (that was even the right length!) jeans that I love.


#7 - I just went brain dead. I had a number 7. In fact I had a number  8 and 9 earlier today, but it's now several hours later (I did get the budget done) and I've forgotten them all. Sigh. I blame Baby Q.

Good night.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Q is....




He was very wiggly during the ultrasound and obliged very nicely. No doubt there. Girls just don't look like that!

Am now trying to figure out what to do with a boy. I'm used to all things girly.

Otherwise, baby seems healthy and well developing. And he obliged last night by kicking his daddy, which was very nice of him.

Sometime around January 29, he should hopefully make his appearance in this world.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baby Qness

Well, if things go right (i.e. if Baby Q will cooperate), by this afternoon I should know what s/he is! The girls all voted this morning as to what they think. Overall majority is a boy. I personally think she's a girl.

The other night I was looking up some of the gender prediction quizzes, with rather amusing results.
  1. Carrying high = girl
  2.  140+ heart rate = girl
  3. Salty/Sour Cravings (more so anyways ) = boy
  4. According to Chinese Gender predictions based on my age/month of conception = boy. However, they also said Blueberry would be a boy, so....
  5. According to the Mayans, based on my age and year of conception = girl (even age and year).
  6. Weight is carried out front = boy
  7. Hair on my legs is growing same as before = girl
  8. I've had morning sickness = girl
  9. I crave fruit = girl
  10. My feet are colder than before I was pregnant = boy
 My favorite test was the one that I put in some information for and it finally came back with the answer--impossible to tell! Finally, a test I can believe :) 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Daybook September 8, 2012

Outside my window...the dark cometh. The night air is cool as we finish what has been the first really cool day in months. Delightful. Despite an already busy day with homework in the morning and a birthday party in the afternoon, we took a trip to a park just because the weather was so nice we had to!

One of my favorite things...Baby wiggles. Baby Q kept me up for a good 45 minutes last night with his/her ecstatic dancing around at 2am. Not sure what was so exciting, but apparently something was. Such a delightful feeling even if I do want to sleep.

Baby Q--I've been trying to come up with a nickname for this new little one for several months. Hadn't really hit on much. Had considered another fruit nickname, but Kumquat (the size of fruit s/he was when we looked it up) seemed a bit of a mouthful. And I don't really see much future in cute kumquat items. Nothing else really fit. I finally was making a Pinterest board the other night (again at 2am--not Baby Q this time just plain old pregnancy insomnia) for the new baby and had put Baby ? for a title. Didn't like that, but thought Baby Question was a bit odd. Finally decided to stick with Baby Q. And no, this is in no way indicative of any baby name thoughts.

I am England!!!!! In 13 days!!!!! Ahem. Am feeling slightly excited by this upcoming trip, can you tell? A week in the Lake District followed by the Yorkshire Dales followed by a bit of the south and then back up to the Dales. Happy!

I am thinking...of my Mum and Dad and the fact that I get to see them soon and how excited I am. It's been nearly 10 years since I've been to England last. 10 years since I've seen any of my British relatives. And it's been 16 months since I've seen my parents. To have the pleasure of seeing all these people and places I've missed all at the same time, I might bust!

I am thankful for... dog sitters, new suitcases, plane tickets, Blueberries and Baby Qs, jobs that pay enough to allow me to travel, vacation time, and girls who don't want me to go (which is also sad, but nice to know they actually want us around!).

From the learning rooms...[or in our case--the learning brain]...Blueberry just keeps on learning and growing--particularly in her speech. Her grasp of language and sentence forming is blossoming overnight it seems like. Her vocabulary just keeps expanding to the point where I can't even keep up. She was very proud of herself at the park today as she was flying up and down the stairs and slide by herself with ease. It's been so hot we hadn't been to a park for several months. She came back home looking empowered by her own prowess!

From the kitchen...comes spaghetti. It was definitely a spaghetti night. Easy and simple and fast.

I am wearing...preggo jeans and a black preggo shirt. Tennis shoes. Looking very large today. The crazy thing is that I am still exactly the same weight I was when I first got pregnant, just my dimensions have all shifted around!

I am "to do" lists of everything I need to get accomplished in the next two weeks. Running out of time!

In my mailbox today.. .My new Living Without magazine, a plug convertor for our trip, and some new Apple flavored Izzies. Yum! Of course this baby has a limited appetite for sweet things (good for me I'm sure, but sometimes annoying), so I'm actually very full up on Izzies right now. Oh well, better that than to be lacking!

I am reading.. .Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. Which I've read before but have found particularly interesting to read again this time around because so much of what she has to say either makes more sense or is what I've personally experienced myself (both good and bad).

I am get an ultrasound before we go. And hopefully Baby Q will be a little less of a question mark, at least in gender and due date!

I am hearing...giggles as the girls watch Wallace and Grommit before bed.

Around the house...Things feel slightly messy. Christopher worked really hard at helping clean up the kitchen/get some laundry put away, so that has helped substantially. I got some nasty allergy thing or something and it knocked me down hard our last three days off (and a few days before we went off duty). Then we came back on duty yesterday to an absolutely exhausting, run your tail end off sort of day. Of course today was also busy; although, less in a going places sort of way and just in a "its Saturday and I have 9 children all of whom have different needs sort of way". Am fortunately feeling like I'm beginning to recuperate, just so long as I can sleep. Hopefully the mess with continue to get organized quickly.

One of my favorite things...Fall. And it is beginning to peek its head up and say hello. So excited!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Church tomorrow. Several major homework items to still finish off. Lots of doctor appointments and other craziness next week, so it's not going to slow down at all. Sigh. I think they're trying to make sure I absolutely need a vacation before I take it!

Here is picture (or more) for thought I am sharing... She's just getting so independent!

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