Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Baby Qness

Well, if things go right (i.e. if Baby Q will cooperate), by this afternoon I should know what s/he is! The girls all voted this morning as to what they think. Overall majority is a boy. I personally think she's a girl.

The other night I was looking up some of the gender prediction quizzes, with rather amusing results.
  1. Carrying high = girl
  2.  140+ heart rate = girl
  3. Salty/Sour Cravings (more so anyways ) = boy
  4. According to Chinese Gender predictions based on my age/month of conception = boy. However, they also said Blueberry would be a boy, so....
  5. According to the Mayans, based on my age and year of conception = girl (even age and year).
  6. Weight is carried out front = boy
  7. Hair on my legs is growing same as before = girl
  8. I've had morning sickness = girl
  9. I crave fruit = girl
  10. My feet are colder than before I was pregnant = boy
 My favorite test was the one that I put in some information for and it finally came back with the answer--impossible to tell! Finally, a test I can believe :) 

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