Thursday, September 20, 2012

One more day

and I'm going to be flying to England! Yay! So excited! This last week has been filled with so much craziness of trying to get everything set up and ready before we leave, I'm having a hard time accepting we're so close. And yet at the same time, every hour seems to take FOREVER! And no, I'm not completely packed yet. Partially packed, yes., very much no. Sigh. Ready to leave now!

My parents are flying out of Bangkok sometime in the next few hours (of course they'll arrive before they left, which is always convenient). They'll pick us up from the airport at a decent time, UK time (0730ish) but at an indecent hour US time (0330ish!). Oh well, should make for an ultimately faster "get over jetlag" experience. I hope. I just hope little Miss Blueberry will not pull out her cranky pants because we have to drive to the Lake District from the airport, which is about another hour and a half.

After that, 1 week of bliss....followed by traveling around various parts of England.

I know, you wish you were me right now :)  See you in a few weeks!

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Hillery said...

Yes, yes, we do wish we were with you! Whether in England or Arkansas! I will pray that jetlag is over quickly and that Miss Charlotte did not pack her cranky pants. Have a lovely time dearest, and take some phenomenal pictures!

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