Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thai goodness and sadness all mixed up in a bowl of spicy tastiness

I probably will pay for it tonight, but I just had the best Thai meal I have ever had in the USA. And, truthfully, the quality of the food rivals that of a lot of Thai meals I've had back home.

A few months ago I heard about/saw a little Thai restaurant tucked in out of the way beside a gas station (how Thai can you get!) near our house. Unfortunately, with all the food issues, I haven't been eating out hardly at all the last year. And so we never tried out the restaurant.

And then on Sunday my sister came over and informed us that not only is it a really, really good restaurant but that they have Isarn food (Isarn is the Northeast region of Thailand - the area I grew up in - and has very distinct food [and in my opinion the BEST food] that you don't really find elsewhere in the country) which is rarely found outside of Thailand itself because it's not what the tourists generally eat. But the truly sad news was that they were closing down this week.

So tonight we (Chris, myself, my sister, my brother, and sis-in-law) all went to eat there. And oh my goodness, Joy wasn't kidding. That was the best Thai food I've had in years. Seriously, if that restaurant was open in Thailand, it would be one of those which the natives would frequent because of how good it is.

But, as the saying goes, "location, location, location." It's so far out of the way, no one knows about the restaurant. And on Sunday it will be closing its doors.

So for now I will concentrate on the delectable spiciness of the food and pray that I don't get sick tonight/tomorrow (and I won't regret the meal if I do get sick!). And I'm praying even more than the normal "I don't want to be sick prayer" because I really, really, really want to go back and eat there again at least one time this week before it closes down!


Kristi D. said...

That's sad that it's closing! I saw that restaurant a little while back and thought of you immediately. I'll pray you don't get sick from it.

I've got a bad headache at the moment from what I thought would be an okay dinner for me--food is just NOT our friend. :(

Ouph said...

Yeah, I think I'm learning to fight against the apparent social norm of "for something to be good, it must somehow involve food!" Food really can be destructive...in more ways than just our lovely eating issues!

Almamater said...

Mmmm...sounds wonderful! So, how did it turn out for you...was there an aftermath or did you get to return?

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