Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming!

So, the last few months have been, quite frankly, unbeliable. Every week, just about, something else comes up or is added to the crazy stressfulness.

It all started in August with a frustrating conflict with a group of individuals which is continuing to carry on. Don't know the resolution of that 250 + will be sure to come.

Then, of course, was also the Myrte stuff.

Now, these first two stressfulls have been on-going. One thing after another after another...dragging their feet, refusing to go away...slowly sapping energy, joy, time, etc. The following three are relatively minor things in comparison, but woven into the craziness of the initial two - I'm exhausted! And, the last three have all taken place over about four weeks.

First, Chris started coming up with these random spots on his legs and hands. After doing some research, we thought it was fleas...I had a few minor bites...looked like the pictures we were we takeled it. Now, please understand, we have two dogs, and they run around outside. Normally they get bathed every other week and get flea-stuff once a month. However, with the disaster my regular routines have been in for the last few months...that hadn't been happening. Anyhoo, three days later, two very clean and defleed dogs and a thoroughly vacuumed and boraxed house (Borax is amazing at killing fleas, btw)...we hoped the problem was done.

Well, the spots turned into rashes and a few days after all that, we realized he had poison ivy. Now, that's bad enough, but he got the poison ivy from some plants that had snuck into our backyard...and so we also need to deal with that mess! And all that time deep cleaning...*sigh*

Just as he was starting to look human again (it was so gross!), I inadvertantly poisoned us with fish, and we both have had food poisoning for several days. My stomach is still a little upset from that.

Then, to top it all off...last night occured. We have been smelling this odd smell for a few weeks, but hadn't been able to track it down. And then the dishwasher decided to leak...and Chris noticed that when he stepped on a floor board a few feet away (we have laminate flooring in our dining room, kitchen, and living room), water would gush from underneath.

So, having an amazing fix-it-all brother, we called him up, he came over, pulled out dishwasher out, and - to my horror - the smell became highly apparent, my asthma immediately started kicking in (I'm highly allergic to mold), and the extent of our problem started becoming apparent.

Fortunately, we don't have to replace the dishwasher...just a few pieces need to be fixed and it should be okay. However, by the time we were done last night, most of my kitchen and half of my dining room laminate flooring was pulled up. We have to clean it - bleach it - and then replace all the laminate again. About half of the flooring was ruined, the other half will - hopefully - be salvagable.

And so I say...ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!

Where my dishwasher used to be.

Chris screaming in horror (and at the stench!).

My hero! My brother. :)

See the pretty flooring at the far left corner.
Yeah, that used to be my whole floor!

What is left of my dining room.
Calista and Mara were very concerned by all
the crazyiness.

The garbage pile of laminate and my troublemaker
of a dishwasher.

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Almamater said...

Ugh!! What a disaster! We'll keep you in our prayers. Vacation is only three weeks away...make it a mantra...LOL!

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