Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 8)

#1 - Yes, I'm back! Well, for now. I've learned something about myself as I've begun this whole blogging experience. What I have learned is that when I have big things on my mind, I don't like to write a lot. I think a lot, process a lot, but the writing comes later. And I have a hard time writing at, about anything when I'm in that mode. Once I get out of that mode, then I have lots of things I want to write about. And the trick then is actually having the time to write all the things I want to say!
So, hopefully my blogging will be back a bit more regularly now. And the ultimate lesson we have learned here is that this is why I will probably never become a professional writer.
#2 - Growing up, my parents always told me I was unique. They didn't say it like my older brother would say it--in a tone indicating that my uniqueness was such that I either needed serious help or should be locked up far away from sane, normal, society. No, my parents always
usually would say it with the appropriate tone of parental encouragement and pride that every kid needs a good, healthy dose of occasionally.

Well, after many years of doubt, I have finally had proof given to me from a completely non-biased source, that I am, indeed, unique. There is a website called: How Many of Me? This website lets you type in your first and last name and then it shows how many people with your name exist in the United States.

With my maiden name, there are (and I quote) "one or fewer" of me in the United States.

With my married name, sadly, there are three of me. I guess I have to share my uniqueness with two other people. How unpleasant!

However, as my maiden name is the name under which I was born and therefore developed in my most formable (formidable?) years, I think the unique label holds true regardless!

#3 - So in the process of writing the above portion, I learned a useful and dandy little trick that I've wanting to figure out for awhile. How to strike out a word in a post without actually deleting the word. So, for all those out there who aren't sure how to do this, I thought I'd share this useful piece of information. You had to edit the html portion of your text and use the following: < style="TEXT-DECORATION: line-through">insert here the text you want to use

Note: Upon publishing this post, blogger did exactly what I asked it to, and put a line through the "insert here the text you want to use" portion of the code I put above. So, in order to fix that problem (I think!), I put a space between the first <>

#4 - I ran across this post awhile ago, and it just cracked me up. So for a good (clean) laugh, go read...Judging People That Use the Table of Contents in Their Bible.

#5 - Random Blessing Report. This past Sunday, Chris and I and my little sister went out to eat at the local Indian restaurant (apparently a good GF option for me; I've eaten there twice now and haven't been sick yet! Obviously that's with avoiding the nan and other fried products).

Any ways, we ran into several sets of missionaries there that we've known most of our lives. This is a frequent occurrence at this restaurant (running into random missionaries). Something about a high percentage of missionaries really liking good Indian food?

Back to my story, we chatted with them for awhile, and then settled down to go indulge at the fabulous buffet. After having stuffed ourselves to a happy level of way-too-full-why-did-I-eat-so-muchness, we went to pay our bill. And found out that one of the missionaries had paid for our lunch! I love random acts of kindness; they make for such a pleasant mood in a day!

#6 - Actually, I feel like I've been handed an extra dose of kindness (not really so random, I guess) the last few weeks. As hard as it has been for me in dealing with our loss, I've been reminded over and over again of how many people we have in our lives who care about us. That helps a lot. And I owe quite a few people huge thanks for that.
#7 - I'm beginning to feel old. My classes' 10 year reunion is next month. I'm not actually going to attend as I really want to see my parents who have just come back to the USA, and I can't afford to do both. However, I've been watching the Facebook messages fly back and forth between all these different people, most of whom I haven't seen in ten years, and it's making me feel nostalgic. And old. And puzzled. How in the world has ten years gone by since I graduated high school? I think it's a dirty trick that time plays because when you're younger, ten years feels like a really long time. But the older I get, ten years doesn't look like such a long span!

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