Monday, August 10, 2009

Eagles and Namaste

I've been enjoying being with parents the last few days. Being here without Chris makes me feel like I've reverted back to being a teenager again (at least for a little while) with my parents taking care of everything. It's kind of fun!

Saturday the day mainly focused around feeding me. Well, buying food that I can eat. It's been a bit of an education process for my parents. Kind of fun! I discovered a new GF brand that I'm quickly becoming very fond of. It's called Namaste and they are specifically gluten free and soy free---perfect! I bought a bread mix and a spice muffin mix. Really yummy for both. I don't think I've ever seen that particular brand at home; however, I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for it because it was really good. And knowing that it's a brand that specifically works to avoid soy as well as gluten is very comforting.

We went and explored a number of stores and then later that afternoon went and took a walk in the park in town. Lots of pictures of pretty flowers. Absolutely gorgeous park!

My APs!

After that we went to a last "health foodish" store where I found Cadbury's hot chocolate (which I can actually have and that is WONDERFUL!) and we actually were able to eat a meal at their little restaurant!

On Sunday, my dad had to speak at a little church near the Canadian border. That really made me feel like I'd gone back in time; traveling with my parents as they raise the funds! He did a good job (he's a great preacher), but the church itself was one that I can't imagine him not doing a good job in. The town only has about 300 people in it, but the church was fantastic. They were just a really committed, devoted congregation. We had lunch afterwards (I brought lunch with me but there turned out to be a couple of things I could eat) and spent several hours talking about how the church is working to impact their community. There were several people in the church that I could totally see myself becoming friends with if we were around!

After church, we drove through the Spokane Indian reservation where I was born ("nostalagia trip" as my parents call it). Didn't stop and talk to anybody; however, we did stop and take some pictures of the local eagles!

"The view" We have so many pictures taken from this particular spot; I told my mum she should get a picture frame with a bunch of picture spots and she can show the progression of our family growing up and changing throughout the years standing in this one particular bit of land!

Today has been quiet. I've been enjoying just chillin' and catching up on blogs, emails, books, etc.

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Hillery said...

I'm assuming that the small town was not Blaine where Sid and Heather live and have a church or you would have mentioned it! Glad you are having a good time. I have seen the brand Namaste before, and would love to try it! See you soon.

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