Monday, November 2, 2009

Lost in Weather

I've discovered a new peculiarity of the breed of people called TCK. Well, at least those related to my immediate family.

This discovery came about on a morning when I woke up, looked out the window in our bedroom, opened the window, assessed the weather, and commented to my husband that it was a "British day."

He thought I was being weird. My sister, however, when asked about her thoughts on the day, immediately understood what I meant. Further discussion proved that, she also, classifies the general weather/feel of days by countries. Not that all days can be specifically classified, but many certainly can be. For me, there are days that the feel in the weather reminds me of Thailand, England, Washington state, Missouri, even Italy, Malaysia, and once or twice, India.

And thus certain days become "British days."


Hillery said...

Though I have not lived as many places as you, I have traveled, and have had the same feeling before, though not rally known how to "name" it. I rarely feel that we have a New Mexico day here, but it may be possible. I always loved the smell at home after a good rain, when the earth smelled sweet and clean. The desert can smell amazing. I've also thought about days here feeling like China, Hawaii, California, and sometimes Tennessee. I love when I catch a fragrance outside that seems to belong to one of these other places, it's like they might just be around the corner!

Mercutio said...

Today feels like a Nazi day. The sky is blue; the leaves are blonde. It's a perfect Aryan race sort of day.


mum said...

Most definitely. I can recall more than one time saying, tut,tut,tut -looks like snow - in Bangkok when it was probaly 75 degrees but had that grey cold feel to it!

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