Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sweet Rewards

On Tuesday of this last week, I had one of those sweet moments that make late nights, sleep deprivation, and screaming fits all worth it.

Blueberry was hanging out with (or rather on) her Daddy while I had gone to bed for some desperately needed sleep. She woke up and he brought her into the bedroom cause she was hungry. As he held her, standng by me, I said something, and she turned her head towards me and grinned very happily.

Be still my heart.


Hillery said...

So precious!!! And at five weeks no less! Awesome! Soon she will be making sweet cooing noises as well. Lily is in the bubble blowing phase which is equally hysterical. So much fun! Miss you.

Kristi said...

Be still my heart toO! She is such a treasure!

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