Saturday, January 21, 2012

Daybook January 21

Outside my is dark and cold. I can't really complain though as we've had really not that many truly cold days here at all, and even though I still groan on the days I wake up and it's 40 or less outside and not getting any warmer, those days are much farther apart.

I am thinking...of a dear friend and how much I miss her and wish I could be with her right now.

I am thankful for...doors that I can close.

From the learning rooms...[or in our case--the learning brain]...words continue to explode. Even words that we don't even know when she learned them all of the sudden just produce themselves. "Hot!" "Adie" (blanket or water--depends on what's indicating she wants). She is mastering the fine art of climbing chairs.

From the kitchen...comes not enough GF bread. Desperately need to make some.

I am wearing...jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Need to get ready for bed. Much more comfortable.

I am creating...nothing. At least that's what it feels like some days this week. Surviving is more like it--just existing. Not living.

I am take a bath as soon as I can get my hyperactive Blueberry to go to sleep.

In my mailbox this week...not much, to be honest. Slow mail week.

I am reading.. . book three of the Night Angel trilogy. And my latest Living Without magazine.

I am hoping...for three relatively non-sick days off starting Monday. I need three normal days with no major stress, enough time to get my feathers unruffled, my daughter's nose cleared up, and some much-needed quality time with my husband.

I am hearing...Blueberry rustling around on the floor. "My ball!" Now she's reading to the dog. anyone getting the impression that she is far to awake for 9:10 at night, especially when she's usually been asleep for about 2 hours at this point. Oh, now she just stole my water bottle. I guess mine is better than hers. Of course. She is awake but obviously overly-tired, but sleep is definitely not coming easy to her tonight. So I blog, she colors, tortures the dog, throws the ball, and dances to the lullabies on Pandora (isn't the whole point of lullabies to put you to sleep?), while Mommy gets her thoughts out here because out they must come.

Around the house...things are a mess. This week has been interminable. I'm exhausted. I'm frustrated with various other adults who should be helpful to us are, frankly, aren't. I'm tired of questions. Tired of snotty noses. Tired in general. Tired of other people telling us how we should be handling situations when they go home at 4:30 and don't have to be the ones living the situations. I'm tired of not having clean clothes--and going through 2 or 3 outfits a day because mine are gross. The floor needs mopping. The chaos needs to be put away. And I need clean sheets on my bed.

One of my favorite things...having friends to talk to.

A few plans for the rest of the week:sitting and doing absolutely nothing. And finding a babysitter. I need a date with my husband--sans all children, including my own. Or I may lose my mind.

Here is picture (or more) for thought I am sharing...

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Almamater said...

I feel your pain, Ouph, I really do. Prayers. ~a. j

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