Saturday, March 31, 2012

PinUps and Pinspirations (Vol. 4)

PinUps: My Top 5 Pins of the Week
(well, lately)

1.Such truth!

2.This just made me laugh. One of my absolute favorite "wrong songs" combined with my love of reading. What's not to love?

3. Dear Somebody. Next time I'm going to have a baby, I want this wrap. Light fabric for hot weather!
Source: via Hanna on Pinterest

4.My birthday present from Chris!

5. My un-birthday present from Chris! Attached to a bouquet of tulips. He's such a good husband.
Source: via Hanna on Pinterest

Pinspiration: (i.e. a Pin I've actually used in some way recently)

OK, this stuff is amazing. It is "ice cream" made almost entirely out of bananas. Frozen bananas. Stick them in the blender, blend until creamy. Add a sprinkle of cocoa powder. A dollop of peanut butter (if desired). Enjoy. So good. Cannot even begin to describe how good this is! And very minimal banana taste. I'm not normally a huge banana flavored fan, but this ends up so light and with the bit of cocoa covering (you could leave the cocoa out as well), it's yummy.

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