Monday, April 9, 2012

A Blueberry Cottage Story

Blueberry and our two year old Butterfly are developing quite a love/hate relationship. Blueberry is not taking kindly to the fact that Butterfly is a very "pick me up and love on me" sort of two year old. Butterfly, while willing to be affectionate towards Blueberry, does not share nicely (but will happily abscond with Blueberry's toys!). End result, we've had to start teaching Blueberry that shoving people away and yelling at them is not nice and Butterfly that she needs to share. Butterfly also gives as good as she gets though with her incessant tattling (rather funny because her language skills are not that good and so it comes out something like" "Mama! Charlotte blah nah blah nah BAD!").

The other night, though, they bonded in quite an amusing fashion. I was trying to read them a bedtime story, and they would not settle down. Basically it came down to fighting for mommy's attention. I finally had enough of trying to get them to settle down. I stood up, closed the books, and walked out of the room. I wasn't really angry, but I did have stern face on, and they knew they were in trouble.

I went around the corner where I could hear them but they couldn't see me.

After a few minutes I could hear both girls: "Mama? Mama?"

I snuck further away into the kitchen. "Mama? Mama?" the plaintive questions continued.

Finally, after a few minutes they came out to find me. Hand in hand they looked at me and said, "Sorry, Mama." I found myself wavering between wanting to die laughing and burst into tears they were just so adorable.

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