Thursday, November 29, 2012

PinUps and Pinspirations (Vol. 5)

PinUps: My Top 5 Pins of the Week Since I Last Did This!

1. DF/GF whipped cream. Comes out beautifully!

2. Our girls did a shoebox this year. They combined all their allowances, came up with an amazing amount of money, and had a grand time shopping for a little girl.

3. Love these hair styles. Have had great fun playing with Butterfly's hair and am slowly able to do some of them on Blueberry's hair (Butterfly has amazingly thick and long hair for a two year old).

4. For laughs

 5. And this one could actually be my Pinspiration post as well; it really does work beautifully! (and I am fully admitting my microwave looked that way recently...)

Pinspiration: (i.e. a Pin I've actually used in some way recently)

This was the original Pin.

This was my version for Turtle's birthday. Very pleased with the results!

1 comment:

almamater said...

Your version of that cake turned out beautifully! (Though just looking at it makes my teeth ache.) Also, thank you for the coconut whipped cream link, I just pinned it.

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