Monday, December 31, 2007

Attack of the Killer Christmas Tree

My Most Beautimous Tree

So last Wednesday, as we sat sobbing over the dramatic ending to South Pacific (a present from my Hubs), I glance over at said husband and realize that our Christmas tree was in the process of falling on his head! Needless to say, I screamed. He reached out and caught the tree. My mother dove to the other side to hold up the rest of the tree, while the rest of us proceeded to pick up the several broken glass ornaments and pull the rest of the ornaments unceremoniously off my beautiful tree! And so, my Christmas tree is down and packed away already; although, I do have my other decorations still up. I have been very sad about this, as I love decorating for Christmas and try to enjoy my tree and all the other decorations for as long as possible (within decency!). I was planning on enjoying several more weeks with said tree...but, alas, that shall not be.

Taking down the tree after it's suicidal dive from the stand.

Drowning my sorrows in a bottle of Martinelli's.

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Mercutio said...

Good grief. First of all, I was NOT sobbing over that movie. Secondly, your picture of me is flattering. And thirdly of all, are you trying to get fired? Many Christians might mistake that for actual wine, because like usual, they are ignorant.

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