Friday, January 15, 2010

Wonder of Wonders

So I break my long blogging silence to make an exciting announcement! I have found (ok, ok, Hillery has found) gluten free crackers that taste like, well, crackers! This shouldn't be such a huge deal; however, the reality is that the lack of good crackers has been one of my biggest gluten free diet irritants. How hard can it be to make a good gluten free cracker? One would think, not hard. But apparently, it's near impossible. Until Glutino. Dear, sweet Glutino with their nummy crackers. All is now well in the cracker kingdom.


Amber said...

When I was at my mom's she had some pretty good GF multi grain crackers, and I got excited, but they had soy in them so you couldn't have them. Hillery still could. Mom bought them at Sam's Club. They tasted just like toasted pumpkin seeds.

Ouph said...

I think I've tried those (before we realized they had soy in them!). They were pretty good. I was most disappointed to find they made me sick.

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