Tuesday, January 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 10)

1. know it's not Friday. So I'm a rebel. Get over it. I’m trying to get back into regular blogging again, and I wanted to touch on a few of the things that have been going on in my life since I quit blogging in, well, November. And this is the easiest way to do it. So work with me here…pretend, for a few minutes, that it’s Friday (and if you need a tissue when you wake up and discover that it’s not and it’s actually Tuesday, let me know; I’ll try to send you one).


2. I am a movie star. Yes, I thought you’d be impressed by that declaration.Chris made a movie back in November (with two other people in his class), and I got to star in it. It was fun, and simultaneously gave me both more and less respect for actual movie actors. More respect because I realized how stinking long it takes to film anything. Less respect because I realized how many chances they get to make a scene what they want it to be—unlike theater actors who get one shot and that’s it.


3. Since we’re discussing fame, I also thought I’d share with you the fact that my name is in a published book now as one of the editors for the book. Our current president at my work just published his life’s study on the Holy Spirit (in four volumes), and I was able to freelance and help edit two of the volumes. So my name is in the book! Yes, I will give out autographs if you insist.


4. Thanksgiving was a much fun time this year. We celebrated with my parents and sister (my brother and his wife were at her family’s; however, we had a Thai Thanksgiving before they left, so that was all good) and my friend Helena and her husband and Helena’s brother who is Czech (as is Helena). The ironic part of this was that Helena mentioned being excited that her brother could celebrate a traditional American Thanksgiving with us. And I just kind of looked at her until she realized what was saying—American? My family? I think my dad would qualify as most American out of all of us, and at this point, I don’t think even if he fully qualifies. Her husband was the closest thing we had, and even he had at least worked overseas as a short-term missionary. I told her that we were a good transition Thanksgiving.


5. Ugly Tree. Yes, in answer to a few queries I’ve had, Amber and I did host the Ugly Tree party this year. We actually held it at her house (since she now has a house!). It was much fun, as usual. And, as usual, my ornament came in for the second running and didn’t win. It’s a conspiracy, that’s all I can say about that.


6. Christmas Part 1: We celebrated Christmas day itself in Austin again this year with Chris’ aunt and uncle, their children, and his grandparents. As usual we had a delightful time with all of them, and they did an excellent job at keeping me non-glutinated—well except for the one time that was entirely my fault (insert sheepish grin here). We had to keep this visit short because of Christmas Part 2.

Christmas Part 2 was actually back here in Springfield. Because my parents are back in the country this year, they of course came down for Christmas. They arrived, we spent a day with them, then we abandoned them and went to Austin! So when we came back, we wound up actually celebrating Christmas with my family on New Year’s Eve, complete with a proper English meal of roast lamb and Yorkshire pudding. Yum! I love being able to celebrate Christmas with my whole family. We’re just fun (if I may be so humble as to say so myself).


7. 2010: This year has been off to an interesting start. But I’m afraid the tales of that will have to wait for a few more days. But just to tantalize you a little bit let me just say that they include blueberries, helicopters, whales, and things that go squeak in the night.


Amber said...

Um...I think your husband (you know, Chris) would also qualify as an American or are you blocking out that fact so as not to be ashamed of him?

Ouph said...

Um....apparently I'm blocking him! Or maybe because he's married to me, I just automatically put him in the "not entirely American" category?

Anonymous said...

We'd like to propose that Chris does an awesome job of representing all that is best of being American - generous, warm, and yes Go Green Bay Packers..., while at the same time we think we've rounded him out so that he more than qualifies to fit in with our quirky global family!

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