Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunny Days

Woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day. That is also cold. And contains about 6 inches of snow.

The weather report called for a huge storm to come in on Thursday night. Of course it was late. So I woke up Friday morning to much snow falling but not enough to justify a snow day from work. Or so I thought. After slipping and sliding and fishtailing my way to work and reading the forecast that stated the six+ inches we had expected to fall the night before was going to dump down on us during the day, I worked for a a few hours and then declared for myself the rest of the day to be a snow day. At which point I slipped and slid and fishtailed my way home and was very grateful to arrive safe, sound, albeit cold, and to spend the rest of the day in my nice warm house.

The dogs are enjoying romping in the snow. Chris, sadly, has been very sick this last week (H1N1? bronchial infection?) and so we will definitely not be going anywhere in the snow. But it's awfully pretty to look at. And to be grateful that I don't actually have to go out today!

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