Sunday, February 3, 2008

Enculturating my sister and other random thoughts

So, it has been horrifically long since I have written on my blog. Much has happened...


So, currently I am sitting on the floor of my living room with Tom Petty singing at half-time in the middle of the superbowl. My sister and I have determined we are the only actual football fans in the room because the boys are playing Halo during half-time and we were the only ones sitting to watch the show!
I am comfortably stuffed with wings (made my yours truly with Buffalo Wild Wings sauce), pizza, chips, tons of fruit (with chocolate dipping sauce!), chocolate covered strawberries (although I suppose technically they fall under the category of fruit), and tasty chocolate, cranberry, and almond stuffed pastries (made by my Amber truly).

*Amber is sitting reading this over my shoulder and correcting my spelling as I type. Excuse me while I take a break to bite her!

We are trying to enculturate my sister into the American experience of Superbowl. I do try to be a good influence on enculturating her :) Of course, I'm really not the best person to be doing that because I don't get half the cultural stuff myself! I don't think she's convinced yet on the value of American football. But then again, neither am I.


We finally had a decent snow. However, it snowed most of Thursday afternooon and night and by the time I got out of work on Friday the majority of it was melted. So sad. Snow and no time to play in it. Last year we went and played disc-golf in the snow; not exactly the most successful of outings but a lot of fun regardless.

I did get to take some pretty pictures. Actually, I was entertaining myself. I left early for work on Friday because I didn't know what the state of the roads would be. All in all, they weren't bad. So, as I had time to kill, I drove around the neighbourhood near my work (a beautiful neighbourhood), and took pictures!

I want this house!


I have a new job. Well, I will have a new job in a few weeks once my current position is filled and I have trained that individual. I'm still working at Global, but I will now be a part of the Institutional Advancement team. Basically, I will be working with the team of individuals who set up scholarships, raise money, work with alumni, set up meetings, and a variety of other tasks. While I am sad to leave my current co-workers who is this really fun woman from Chechoslavakia. We "get" each other very well - something about that whole international perspective thing. However, Helena aside, I'm thrilled.

Side-note: What is up with the creepy super-bowl commercials this year? Everyone's getting burned, sucked into airplane engines, etc! OK, back to other things.

The "In-Law" issue

This issue seems to be going, well, nowhere. There is only one person who we have even heard from in the last few months; everyone else has basically seemed to decide to ignore our existance. The individual we have heard from has consistantly not been helping the situation by either trying to ignore the fact that there's a problem and pretending like we're all a happy family or else writing emails insulting, telling Chris what's wrong with him and how he needs to be a better individual, belittling points of view expressed by Chris, or informing my darling husband that he obviously has a bad attitude and they can't talk until he straightens out his attitude (this was written after Chris invited this individual to get together and discuss all this mess).

All in all, we truly don't know what to do other than to continue trying to live our own lives as we feel led by God. On the up-side, our life is actually settling into a new, happier pattern. Despite the fact that this stress is here, we know we are doing our best with the situation that we can, and, more importantly, that we are doing the best we can with our own lives, attitudes, behaviors, and even thought patterns. We have undergone some serious changes in our viewpoints and our own behaviors the last few months. God has done some heavy-duty work in our lives - emotional, spiritual, and mental - and while it has been painful in parts, it also has been good. We have learned a lot, changed in many ways, grown up a lot, and hopefully are becoming better people despite - or rather because of - all of this.

I feel sorry for people who believe that God is sitting up in heaven passively looking down into our lives with no real concern or care about what occurs. How they get through stressful times is puzzling. And to live a life believing that He truly doesn't really care what happens to sad.

Back to the Superbowl: We have just seen the best commercial (well, that and the fights between the football robot and the terminator!) for this Superbowl. The coke commercial with the giant blow-up cartoon characters. The etrade commercials with the talking baby are pretty funny as well.

Anniversary Celebration

A few weekends ago, we went to St Louis for a (month-late) anniversary celebration. Despite having lived in Missiouri for eight years, I really haven't spent much time in St Louis. I truly do love big cities, so we finally decided to go and explore.

We drove up Thursday night and stayed in a B&B in the Lafayette square, historical area of town. It was about two miles from the Arch and various other fun places to go visit. The B&B was one of the prettiest ones we have ever stayed in but severely lacking things like hot-tubs, fireplaces, or jacuzzis! However, for our exploring purposes, it was great.

Friday, we went on the tour at the Anhueser-Bush Factory. It was fun and very interesting. Of course my favorite part was the Dalmations and the horses!

Look at the size of the dog compared to the horse's hoof!

Pretty puppy!

Following that, we had lunch at the Union Station - which I've always heard a lot about and was severely disappointed in! Just another shopping center. Cool design, but still! There was a cool wall which had a painting of Platform 9 and 3/4 from Harry Potter. The funny part though was that someone had apparently tried to get onto the platform by running into the wall!

Following that, we went to the Cathedral Basilica. Beautiful building. It was interesting to compare a cathedral built in the early 1900s with the ones I'm used to built hundreds and hundreds of years ago. The decorating style was distinctly different. Beautiful pictures. A little gaudy in points but very pretty.

Saturday, we went to the Arch. Although I've been told I've been to the Arch before in my life, I really have no memory of it at all. So, it was fun to go see it. It really is such a cool structure!

Did I mention it was freezing cold?

Back to the Superbowl: The Giants win!! Amber and Chris are devestated. My sister, Donald (Amber's husband), and I were all rooting for the Giants (none of us are football fans), so we're happy. Of course, the real devestation for the two actual football fans is the fact that football is now over for the next few months. Hee, hee...:) OK, I try to be more supportive than that!

On that note...I end my random thoughts for the day.

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