Friday, April 4, 2008

Of Bitter and Sweet and Chocolate

My poor sad, neglected blog. How I have missed thee!

I can’t believe it’s been a full month since I’ve even looked at these pages. A month where I’ve watched the trees and bushes creeping into bloom, robins have started popping up all over the place and teasing my dogs in the backyard, and I’ve started getting over my winter-blues (I’m not diagnosed SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder; however, I think I definitely hit those depressed phases in winter where I’m just so tired of being cold, dark, wet, dreary, and lacking in outdoors). On my way to work every day, I drive through the area of town known as “The Square.” It’s literally a square park area in what used to be the center of town that is surrounded with trees, older buildings, and a fountain. The last few weeks the trees have all started to be covered in fluffy, white blossoms, and yesterday, as I drove around the square, the fountain was working. Such a happy sight.

Just when I think I’ve gotten used to this country and it’s crazy seasons, I hit about mid-winter and feel my sanity start slipping as I realize how much I truly hate having being cold…all the time. On the other hand, as much as I love the tropics, I will admit that I have gotten to the point where I enjoy 75 degree weather as a pleasant temperature to be outside in. Still don’t mind it a little bit hotter than that as a rule, but I no longer feel like I’m going to die from cold at 72 any more!

So, what has this last month consisted of…

Well, my birthday started the month out. That was fun. I had probably one of the best birthdays I’ve had in several years. I find it amazing how one certain area of stress can really affect how a person views something. As a child, I always enjoyed my birthday. Obviously presents and parties and all that are fun, but I just thought having a birthday was a day that should be enjoyed; it’s your special day to celebrate your very existence, and that’s worth something. It’s that milestone that, granted, everybody hits every year they are alive, but it should be enjoyed, looked forward to. Unfortunately, the last few years, my attitude had changed, somewhat, concerning birthdays. I won’t go into details of why, suffice to say that there was some stressful events that always surrounded my birthday that basically started turning my birthday into a point I dreaded rather than enjoyed. This year was not like that, and it was nice. I got to feel like it really was my day to enjoy rather than an obligatory event that would occur sometimes without a whole lot of my input or personality being involved. Instead I got to pick out where I wanted to eat, what I wanted to do, where I wanted to do it, and who I wanted to be with.

I actually wound up with four separate birthday celebrations (per say) which was kind of funny. Chris and I went out to eat the night before my birthday and then we went to the mall where I picked out my present. We ate at this yummy Italian restaurant, and just had a delightful evening together. For dessert we had Auntie Anne’s pretzels, which I love but rarely indulge in.

Then on my actual birthday, I went out to eat with three of my favorite girl friends in the world. We ate Thai food, walked around down-town a bit at the monthly Art Walk we have (all the art stores open up for the night and do special shows), and then we gorged on chocolate fondue (I blew the candle out, so I guess that counted as my cake!). All in all, a nice evening of being with (sometimes goofy) great friends.

The next night, our best friends –Amber and Donald- came over to hang out. Amber wasn’t allowed to give me my present the night before because Donald had picked it out, and he wanted to be there. So I got to open that present and hang out with them! We had leftover Thai food and these rather interesting vegetable wraps that Amber had bought at Social Suppers. We were all a little suspicious of them at first, but they were actually really good! For my birthday, they bought me a Star Wars version of Risk (I love Risk, and yes, I proudly admit to being a nerd and loving Star Wars!), and also a great mini fondue set. I love it because the fondue pot(s), which incidentally look like huge margarita glasses, are microwaveable, so rather than having to keep it plugged in or having to deal with candles, etc, you just heat the chocolate/cheese in the microwave and voila – you’re ready to go! Needless to say, we had to test them out.

Then, the week after my birthday, my brother, his wife, and my sister, and Chris all got together to go out to eat (Korean – can anybody tell I have rather eclectic taste in food?) and spend time together and, of course, celebrate my birthday (my sister was out of town the previous week or else we would have done something then).

How spoiled am I? It was fun, non-stress, and I felt loved. Thank you all J

Job Change
The same day as my birthday was also the last day at my old position! I have now been working in my new job for almost a full month. And let me say, I LOVE it. I am the Advancement Coordinator, which basically means that all the fund raising, PR stuff, etc that we do as a school, runs through my office. I’m not the only person in charge of it, but I coordinate all the pieces together. Lots of organization, varied duties, tons of responsibility, creativity –all in all, I feel like the skills I have are being well-utilized. My boss is great, very supportive and willing to believe in my capabilities and use them. While it can be a high stress position at times, the rewards are well worth it. And I love having my own office again!

Other Stuff
Easter Sunday – so early this year – was freezing cold but fun. We had several friends come over and had a huge feast and much fellowship.

Peoples - We’ve had a pretty steady stream of guests and friends in our house this whole month. I love it! I am looking forward to a nice quiet Friday night tonight, but I love having a home that we can open up to other people whenever. Wednesday night I got home and was making dinner (for us and some guests), and Chris came up and mentioned that a friend of ours had called last minute to know if he could spend the night. Of course we were happy to have him, but I like that my husband knows that he can okay things like that because he knows we both want a home where others are welcome and comfortable.

Families – my husband’s grandmother has been sick in the hospital. She is fortunately doing much better; she had us worried there for awhile. Sadly, that came right after another less than positive encounter with my husband’s parents. It truly frustrates me watching two people who should be able to communicate not be able to do so, and it frustrates me even more to hear accusations and half-truths being dumped on our doorstep in such a manner that it literally makes it impossible to have a reasonable understanding with someone else. Anyhoo…I won’t spend a long time on that right now other than to say that as far as I can tell, our life with his parents and sister is over, at least until something changes. I know Chris would be willing to work through some stuff, but not in the same-ol-same-ol way it’s always been. And I don’t think his parents are willing to accept that. It hurts and it’s sad, but we have to move on our lives will be stuck in a rut forever.

My family is doing good. I’m eating my heart with jealousy right now as my parents have been to Manila and now are in England, and as soon as they return to Thailand, my brother and his wife are going to Thailand, and then my sister goes out. And I’m stuck here L Ah well…my turn will come again. I miss them so much though.
I can’t believe my baby sister is about to turn 19 and have finished her first year of college. I feel old!

OK, I have so much else to say, but I’m going to post this, and rejoice in finally, having something new on my blog!

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Amber said...

I'll go to Thailand with you right now. Lets quit our jobs and stowaway on a cruise boat (because its much easier than boarding a plane right now, even with a ticket!) I could use some travel in my life.

Or is my plan too impractical?

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