Monday, April 28, 2008

Olympic Games Thoughts

As I turned on my computer this morning, my yahoo page popped up. I have it linked to the Bangkok Post and the UK news (mainly because that particular site gives really good international news). As I scanned the headlines of the BKK Post, I noticed the article titled "Olympic torch runs a protest-free leg in Vietnam." My first thought, sadly, was I'm sure there was some coersion involved in that! And I was proven right. There were attempted protests, but they were shut down by the police. Interestingly enough, the protests had nothing to do with Tibet but over Vietnamese vs. Chinese land claims. At least a change of pace.

The thought that I have had a number of times over this whole dibacal is how much are these protests actually hurting the Tibetan cause because of cultural reasons? A common cultural link between most Asian countries is the whole "face" concept. They cannot be seen to lose face. China has taken a stand on this whole issue. And while I don't see China changing it's stance any time soon, I wonder how much stubborness is being created in China's need to save face against all these protests and whatnot from everywhere else in the world?

Just my thought for the day...

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