Thursday, May 8, 2008

A moment in time

As I was driving to work today, I noticed that there were a lot of very aggressive people on the road today. Obviously ones who were running late for work (or thought they were running late), and were determined to do whatever it was they had to to get ahead of any car that might possibly be going the speed-limit and thus cramping their style.

So I continued my journey to work, avoiding those who were determined to ram into my car in their hurry to get through the intersection as well as avoiding rather stupid children skipping down the middle of the street (seriously...can of Pepsi in one hand, backpack on his back, skipping down the middle of a relatively busy street [and intersection] on his way to school. Obviously not the brightest cookie in the bunch).

All of the sudden I had to hit my brakes (thank goodness at that particular moment the driver who had been tailing me most of the way down the road decided to pull off on another road - apparently my driving the speed-limit was upsetting to him). And watch. As a string of six geese wandered their way across a cross-walk. Well, a few of them were technically J-walking, but the rest of them were distinctly crossing via the cross-walk. Behind me, five other cars came to complete stops, and opposite me I watched as three more cars were stopped on their hurried progressions so that these geese could meander their way across the road very calmly.

They had no clocks to get to in order to punch in on time. They were not revved up on caffeine and/or too little sleep. They just wandered across, taking their time, occasionally stopping to chat with another goose or look around at the parade of two-legged, humans all staring at them in their little parade.

And I had to laugh at the power of these birds. And then I enjoyed the rest of my drive to work.

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Ouph said...

Random Observation: as I've been reading through some of the other blogs I regularly keep up on, I've realized that bird-antics seem to be on a lot of people's minds lately.

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