Sunday, October 26, 2008

Settlers, Books, and Pumpkins

It's been a full weekend and quite lovely.

Friday night we had a friend over for dinner (whom we really hadn't seen in forever) with a couple of other friends who joined us afterwards to play games. Settlers of Catan of course because that seems to be the only playable game around here lately!

Saturday, was the annual library book sale. End result was 8 new books for the grand total of $3.25. I love book sales! I found several books I'd been looking for for quite awhile including a new copy of Emily of New Moon. I love Madeline L'Engle and although I'm obviously a big fan of the Anne books (almost a given for a L'Engle fan), I actually am a bigger fan of the Emily series. Emily's just a little more human than Anne. Anne is at times annoyingly perfect and happy and bleagh. Emily has spice and flaws and that makes me happy. Anyhoo...back to the new copy. My old copy was falling apart - literally. I've taped it up so many times, but I always wind up reading it in sections because that's how it's easiest to hold it - broken up into the little 25 to 50 page sections that the book has fallen apart into!

Saturday evening was a little sad (and a little relieving simultaneously) as we decided we could not keep Penny. Three dogs (even if one is pint-sized) was a little much. So we handed Penny over to Chris' boss and her family who will take good care of Miss Penelope. I miss the lap-dog concept; however, it's a bit of a relief to be back down to two dogs.

My sister was a little sad to see the Penny go as well!

Sunday has been a great fall pumpkin day. Annually Amber and I try to go to a pumpkin patch, enjoy the fallishness, and then carve pumpkins. This year, we went to a new farm that we'd never been to before (really liked it, although of course my camera ran out of sad). My baby sister came with us, so that added to the fun. And now I'm comfy on the couch watching a Gilmore Girls and munching on yummy pumpkin seeds.

Hope your weekend was fun!


Amber said...

Pictures leave out two parts of the story. First is that the sign that says "Babydoll Sheep" was on the pen holding nothing but the cat from the next picture.
Secondly,the fact that Mara ate my lid! (That is the picture of the chewed up piece of pumpkin. Little thief.

Ouph said...

Actually, if you click on the little button on the bottom left of the slide-show, it gives captions.

Amber said...

Well, you learn something new every day!

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