Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post Election Giggle

So one week ago today, Chris and I were up early to get to the polls before work to cast our ballot. And then we were up very late watching the end results of the election. Now that the dust has settled a bit and life is continuing on a bit better, I thought I would share with you a story I found very entertaining and revealing about America’s voting knowledge.

There is a woman at my work who hails from the Czech Republic. She is here in America on a Green Card, so therefore is NOT an American citizen (naturalized or other). A few weeks prior to the election, she had received a voter registration card in the mail, which we discussed whether or not she should fill it out and just see if she could get a voting card. Decided against this plan; however, I’m still curious as to if they would have given her a voting card.

Any ways, when I saw her last Tuesday, I was highly entertained by the fact that she was wearing an “I Voted” sticker. We were joking about her sticker (given to her by her boyfriend after he voted), and I made a passing comment about wondering how many people would actually accept her wearing the sticker as if she actually had voted (keeping in mind that everyone at work – we’re a small company – knows she’s not an American).

Imagine my shock when she told me later that of the eight people who had noticed and commented on her sticker that day, SIX actually thought she had voted and engaged her in a discussion about the voting this year, etc. Only two of us (myself and another missionary lady) just laughed at her upon seeing the sticker.

Oh, I weep for this country some days…even if it is weeping through tears of laughter at times.

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Diego said...

America deserves to be conquered by an army of midget penguins.

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