Friday, May 22, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 7) - Photo Version

Seven Quick Takes Photo Version! This is what I've been up to the last few weeks....

#1 - We have a shed! And we have moved much stuff out of the garage and into the shed! And it is happy. And pretty. And large. And it covers up the annoying view of our neighbours back porch.

In order to move stuff into the shed, Hillery came and helped me out as Chris was frantically doing several major, time-consuming homework projects the week the shed came. Her two kids came along and played as well. And her little boy was having a fun time with our tree. And digging in the dirt, thus adding to the size and number of holes in our backyard (thanks to the resident moles, dogs, and rabbits). Didn't get pictures of the dirt digging. But I did get pictures of the tree hanging.

and my favorite....



#2 - We have a freezer! Which is one of the reasons why we bought the shed and moved a ton of stuff out of the garage into the shed. And the freezer is happy. And pretty. And large. And soon to be full of tasty food including quick meals that I can make ahead of time and freeze and not have to make from scratch all the time! Going gluten free has provided many complications in my life. Not the least of which is not being able to go out to eat easily (at least not without risking getting sick).


#3 - We have a new dishwasher! (are we sensing a theme here?). And it is happy. And pretty. And, well, not really large. But it's quiet. And the door can be opened without having to be propped up on something to keep it from crashing to the ground. And the dishes are actually getting clean. The FIRST time! And it has a delay setting which means I can set the dishwasher to run and still manage to let my husband have a shower in the morning and also run a load of laundry. Such joy!


#4 - We have a screen (look carefully, you can kind of see it). This is something that I haven't really talked about much in our saga of broken things and desperate needs, but we've actually been trying to get a good screen door for quite awhile. And now we have one. And it successfully slides open and shut on a consistent basis without falling off its hinges. And that is also happy. Not really pretty--because you can't really see it unless you run into it. And as that is the reason we didn't have a screen door in the first place (Mara ran into it), I'd prefer that you don't run into it. So just enjoy the lack of flies in the house and be done with it!


#5 - It's been a few weeks in which many books have been obtained.

We recently had the opportunity to buy a slew of Bodie Thoene books for very cheap. I'm not much into Christian romance (with a few exceptions here and there), but I've read a few of the Zion series, and really liked them. And I've been told her other books are well worth reading. More historical than romance. We'll see. If I don't like them I can always sell them again and get something else!

Then I also had a few books I had to buy quickly from Borders. And since they were running a deal that if you bought $50 of books, you got a $10 gift card, and I had to spend $38 already, I went ahead and picked up a couple of books I've been eyeing for awhile. If I was going to buy them any ways, I might as well buy them when I could get something back for them!

And then today there was a book sale. A $1 book sale! So.....I wound up with a box of books. Yes, I'm a compulsive book buyer. And reader. And there went my allowance for the next month! Buy who needs an allowance with so many books to read?


#6 - Recently, I found green papaya in our local Asian market. And my sister and I had a glorious time of making it into somtam (green papaya salad--my favoritest Thai meal ever). Actually, we've made it twice now. And it was so good both time. I say "we". Technically, I haven't made it yet as she wanted the honors! Mum, I'll turn her into a cook yet!


#7 - One of the primary reasons I haven't written lately is that our usual slew of spring/summer guests has begun. My sister has moved in for the summer. And then we had a wedding last weekend which meant we wound up with various people coming and staying and going for about two weeks.

The wedding itself was a delightful, simple, fun, outdoors event (well, it was also freezing cold, which wasn't delightful or fun). However, we survived!

That's us (for those who were unclear on that topic!).

This is the happy bride and groom. Don't you just love her dress? She made it herself!

A cakey mess.
With a sweet make up kiss.

And a much needed wipe down with a towel to become presentable again!

One of my favorite parts of the wedding was actually an evening before the great event. The groom's mother was staying with us for a week, and at her request (and with great jealousy!) I helped her to purchase a Kitchen-Aid as a wedding present for the couple.

As she's a missionary and would not be around to see them open any of their gifts, she wanted to give it to them early. And so we did.

The bride-to-be (and the groom for that matter!) was, needless to say, delighted.

And we promptly made cookies. Because it obviously needed to be immediately tested out.

And the boys demonstrated their maturity levels by playing with the bread hook and pretending to be pirates.

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