Friday, May 1, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 6)

#1 - I'm back. I guess I should have updated that a few days ago. Regardless...I survived my venture into the world of grown-up business trips. And made it the whole trip without getting glutinated! I've decided I love cities that have GF restaurants, I wish we had one, and I'm not a big fan of driving in crazy traffic. Of course Dallas is nothing compared to driving, oh, say Bangkok, but even at their comparative level of tame--didn't like it much. However, I did not ever get severely lost (only minorly lost a couple of times), and I LOVED having warm weather!


#2 - I just love UPS. I guess it probably is a direct correlation with my love of getting mail. And I just love how UPS tries so hard to conceal our packages and make sure that our stuff remains safe until we get home to bring it inside the house. For example....

Brilliantly done. No one would ever have guessed there was a box under that bump in the mat!

#3 - Brief political discussion--want to know about how I'm feeling right now with our government's theory on getting us out of a recessions? Go check out this post on my husband's blog.


#4 - What is wrong with today's world? No it's not swine flue (although that could be a problem too). Check out this movie preview (don't worry, no language/sex/violence in it, just sheer sadness of mind).

#5 - I just have to say that one of my favorite features on blogs is the "Post Options" button where I get to set the time and date that I want any given post to actually be published. I've had a few people recently ask how I find the time to write blogs. It's the dirty, little secret of the can write posts ahead of time and then just set them to actually be published when you want it to happen. End result, though, is that if I don't take some quiet time on a Saturday morning, a lot of my mid-week posts don't get written. And so you get some less frequent posting weeks!
Like the last......month........................

#6 - I wanted to share a new great blog I ran across recently in my never-ending hunt for gluten free recipes. It's very exciting because of it's international recipes slant! I give you: Book of Yum!


#7 - And now for your evening weather report....the midwest has apparently decided to turn into a more tropical country and start hosting the monsoon season. It's wet. And it's been wet. And it's supposed got it...stay wet. While it's doing great things for my plants (which once again have amazed me by their sheer perseverence in coming back every year!), it's really putting a stop to bike-riding, disc-golfing, or any other outdoor activities. Not to mention the muddy mess that my floors are consistently in from two puppy dogs who just won't learn to wipe their feet before coming inside!


Amber said...

The UPS thing is hilarious! Its exactly how Calista would hide something she was not supposed to have. Maybe she did it.

As for the monsoon, sheesh. I NEED some sunshine. And outdoor recess. Plus, yes the plants are growing, but when does the grass get mowed if it never stops raining? It will be knee high soon.

Jaime said...

Love your 7 Quick Takes especially the UPS hiding method! Too cute.

Glad I found your blog! I can't wait to read more of your entries!

Almamater said...

In regards to #1, I offer you...Austin. Even less winter than Dallas, less traffic, at least two GF restaurants, more green space, and delightfully diverse. Well, I am gushing a bit now, aren't I?

Ouph said...

Almamater....a little gushing there. But I'll take it if you can just help us find jobs!

Almamater said...

Oh, and by the the pics of your front entry, but what are we supposed to notice? Is there a UPS delivery or something there?

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