Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thoroughly Modern Millie

I had a bad day yesterday. One of those days when you come home and are just crabby and annoyed with the world and every little thing in it.

Fortunately, our latest Netflix movie had arrived, and since it wasn't one my husband was really dying to see, and he was busy with other things, I curled up on the couch to try to de-stress and not take out my crabbiness on anyone. I had seen Thoroughly Modern Millie before as a child, other than some scattered images, I really had no memory of the musical. Which is somewhat surprisingly as I grew up watching a lot of musicals.

Two plus hours later, my bad mood was all cured as I finished watching what has to be the absolute worst musical of all time. It was so awful that it became ludicrously hilarious. I was sitting on the edge of my seat just waiting to see how much worse the movie could possibly get. I wonder if they've ever MST3Ked this movie? It would be great!

The end conclusions it that I cannot recommend this movie to anyone who has a serious love of musicals or who has ever liked Julie Andrews (as this will seriously mar your perception of her). However, if you're in a crabby, slightly cynical, primarily disgruntled sort of mood...this just might be the cure!


Mercutio said...

Or if you have no use for one of your eyes, this just might be the cure because you will tear it out of your own head.

Hillery said...

I have watched it once. It is one of Heather C.'s fave movies. It is ludicrously funny and a good cure for a bad mood! Glad it helped lift yours.

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