Monday, April 20, 2009

Gone Away

Yes, I have. Not from you, but from my home. And my husband. And my puppies. And my (three big cheers of excitement) finally working garage door (hey, I have every right to be excited about that stupid garage door. It's been over a year!).

Where have I gone? To Dallas!

And now to answer all the other questions namely consisting of, "huh?"

I had to take a business trip (I feel old even saying that) for my work to get trained on this evil computer database we use. The training is four days, but since I needed to drive, I'll be gone six. Of course my hubs couldn't take that much time off work (or miss his class), and no one else was sent to be trained (not my preference, but of course they didn't ask my opinion on the matter), I'm on my own. Which is kind of scary and sad but kind of fun and exciting all at the same time. I'll give you a more developed opinion at the end of the week.

Today I drove down (and actually managed to not get lost until I was within one block of the hotel...........), got settled in, went out to find the two gluten free restaurants that I had discovered that Dallas has, found out both of them are only open until about 2 in the afternoon (apparently those who are gluten free don't eat dinner?), grumbled about that, got a salad (because by that time I was starving), prayed it wouldn't make me sick, came back and caught up on some work emails, took a quick soak in the pool and the jacuzzi (hee, hee, i just love nice hotels!), and came back up to my room to catch up on some (not-work) emails, blogs, and such. And now, I'm going to watch an episode of All Creatures Great and Small (I so dearly do love Netflix!) and hopefully fall asleep so I can get up and actually learn something tomorrow.

Good night! More on my random adventures tomorrow.

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Amber said...

I've always found out-of-town all alone trips to be exciting, and relaxing, but eventually lonely. It does however always make me feel really "grown up" to stay in a hotel by myself for work.

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