Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eating out

Well, I owe both restaurants an apology. Sort of. They're not just open during the day. They just both happened to be closed on Mondays. Which means, last night, I went and had shrimp, fettucini alfredo for dinner. And I didn't have to make it. And I didn't stress about what was in it. And it was really, really good! And I ordered a pizza to take with me for lunch today, and it smells amazing at least (and I'm guessing probably tastes pretty good too, but I'll find out that later!).

If you're in Dallas, need gluten free food, the two restaurants I've found are here: Laura's Bistro (where I ate last night--seriously, even if you can have gluten, it was great food!) and the Kozy Kitchen (where I haven't eaten yet, but I'll let you know what I think when I do!).

Well, so far, it's been a quiet trip. My training is good if very intensive. One of those...."there's too much information and I think my head is going to explode keeping it all straight" sort of intensives. And it's been a bit depressing too because I've realized exactly how screwed up the system that we're using at work is! How to untangle that mess?

All right. I'm off for another day of brain exploding information. Wish me luck (or buy me a mop).

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Amber said...

I am happy for you! Yay for yummy gluten free non-stressful food for Hannabelle!

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