Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I think I've Died and Gone to Chocolate Heaven

So I just had a piece of chocolate, GF cheesecake that a friend of mine has decided to attempt making for a baby shower I'm having at work in a few weeks. She wanted to attempt making it once before the shower (a) to make sure it didn't inadvertently make me sick (wrong ingredient or some such) and (b) to make sure it actually came out ok.

Still checking on the "is it going to make me sick" part, but the coming out OK part....oh my goodness...Death by Chocolate would be a perfectly appropriate name for this concoction of chocolaty yumminess. And that's just the base of the cheesecake! If she made the whole thing (which we've decided would be too much), it would be a serious chocolate heart attack.

Here's a link to the recipe on the Living Without magazine website: Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake.

She's going to leave off the two layers of chocolate ganache as there is an incredible amount of chocolaty goodness just in the base and basic cheesecake part itself!

1 comment:

Hillery said...

Oh my goodness that sounds heavenly! I may have to put that on the "bring to Hillery in the hospital" list! Or it may be the only thing and I just eat all of it! hee hee! Thanks for the suggestion.

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