Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Been a Chocolaty Sort of Week

One of our local health-food stores had a gluten free food tasting yesterday. I always like going when they have these because even though, at this point, many of the brands are ones I've tried, there's always at least a few things that are new.

And yesterday the heavens opened, the clouds parted (if you've been around this town for the last week the significance of that statement will make more sense!), and I had the delight of sampling (and perhaps buying....) a chocolate bar.

Why is this worth blogging about? Because for the last few years, I've found one brand that carries chocolate in bars (or as chocolate chunks at all, for that matter) that does not also have soy in it. ONE! Enjoy Life is a fantastic brand. I know I've raved about them before. And they have helped make GF/soy free living bearable by offering such little things as chocolate with no soy hiding in it.

But yesterday they just found a rival. A very tasty rival. A GF/soy free rival.

Meet: Alter Eco.

I've had a piece of the dark chocolate quinoa and the dark velvet chocolate. Really hope the store will get in the dark mint and the dark twist as they both look really yummy too.

Just had to share in the continued adventures of my chocolaty week.

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