Monday, October 18, 2010

Growing Tall

Last week I had a new exciting and simultaneously sad experience.

As I mentioned last post, Blueberry hit a growth spurt two weeks ago. Well, I assumed it was a growth spurt given the fact that she was apparently starving and couldn't get enough to eat. Well, a few days following mentioning that, we had an appointment during which she was measured and weighed. Surprisingly (to me) her weight had gone up but her height really hadn't substantially increased. She had maybe gained a few centimeters.

Then a few days after that she had a really odd night during which she just did not want to settle down. Two days later, I went to put her in a onesie that had fit the previous week and found that she looked absolutely ridiculous in it! We happened to have another appointment that week, and it turned out that she grew over an inch in between the first appointment and the second. No wonder she was fussing. I'd have been fussing to if my body had suddenly decided to grow an inch overnight!

The funniest part was that at the first appointment I was told she's in the 32nd percentile for height and the 23rd for weight. At the second appointment, she had graduated to being in the 75th percentile for height and the 22nd for weight. So, will someone please tell me if this means my child is going to take after me and be short or is she going to outgrow me by the 5th grade?

So why do I find this both exciting and sad? Well, it's exciting to see her growing up. All the changes occurring I find to be enjoyable to watch and experience with her. However, it's sad as I had to put away all her newborn clothes and go ahead and sort through/wash her 3 to 6 month clothes because she's actually fitting in a few of those. My newborn is no longer so new and tiny.


Amber said...

I'm thinking she'll outgrow you. said...

I can still remember when I felt that same feeling with Sarah. Now she's 14 and taller than me *gasp*. I told her "now, you can just take care of me!" lol.

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