Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm going to follow in the footsteps of Almamater (who has followed along from The Simple Woman) and get on this Daybook bandwagon. I find posting on a regular basis to be (surprise, surprise) challenging right now. And having something to help guide my writing might be useful at this time in my life! I hate to lose the thoughts and days of the past few months, but they seem to be whirling by. Perhaps this will help a little bit.

So here we go:

Daybook--October 27, 2010

Outside my a crisp fall evening with some gorgeous clouds, a lovely red-clad tree, and two crazy dogs howling at the passing siren [insert short break here as I go up to let the dogs in and put a stop to the incessant noise].

I am thinking...that I really should be looking for an insurance policy for myself rather than writing a blog. And yet having some time to write is a luxury I'm loath to forgo.

I am thankful being only 7pm and Blueberry being fast asleep already!

From the learning rooms...[or in our case--the learning brain]...Blueberry has been adding new noises to her vocabulary. She made me laugh today when I was talking on the phone with her Nana and talking about Skyping them (yay for web-cams!). As I told my mum that we'd be calling tomorrow morning, I heard a little voice from beside say very distinctly, "uh uh!" How rude!

From the kitchen...gleams a clean counter. Shocking, I know.

I am pj's. Which I will, sadly, admit to having worn all day. I've been trying to avoid being that wife who slouches around the house all day in junk clothes. But today, getting dressed any further than this was not going to happen. So we've accepted it and resolved to do better tomorrow.

I am systems and routines for myself as I find myself still struggling to settle into this new way of life. I love being home, but it has definitely been a resettling sort of experience for me (never mind the stretching experience of just being a mum!).

I am teach at the studio tomorrow. And I'm very much looking forward to it. Being away from Blueberry is rather weird on Thursdays, and as she still hasn't taken too kindly to a bottle, is not the easiest thing for her or her father. However, I've really been enjoying being back in the studio, teaching, dancing, and yes, having a chance to miss Blueberry! On a side note--I've had take on a new teaching challenge as well (because I didn't already have enough new things to get used to in my life): 4 and 5 year old tap class. The most advanced tap class I've ever done in my life was when I helped to teach 3 year old tap. It's quite an adventure. I can now shuffle-step, flap-toe-heel, and tap my heels and toes with the best of them.

I am reading.. The Vaccine Book (again); The First Year-IBS; The Little Prince (reading this to Blueberry along with other, slightly less complex books); Sense and Sensibility.

I am hear some news soon on what kind of work, how often, and for how much I'll be able to do some work from home for my old job.

I am hearing...silence other than the clicking of keys and ticking of the clock.

Around the house...things are finally beginning to get put away. I've had random piles of things to sort through and put away for, oh, months now. I'm doing my best to sort through them and get things back in order before the adventure of having little fingers into everything throws a new wrench into the mess!

One of my favorite things...cuddling with my baby and my husband at the same time.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
1. Find insurance plan for me
2. Fill out insurance paperwork for Blueberry
3. Go to studio and teach
4. Go to chiropractor (squeeze in one last appointment before my current insurance vanishes! Did the same thing with my dentist earlier this week.)
5. Meet up with two dear friends from work. Hopefully to take a walk, possibly to just sit and have lunch (depends on how the weather cooperates).
6. Dinner at 6 on Saturday (a monthly church dinner event where couples from the church get together for a pot-luck sort of meal and get to know one another. We've been able to partake in a few so far, and they are a lot of fun. This will be the first one with Blueberry here, so we'll see how it goes).
7. Nap. Lots. Preferably with Blueberry.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Laundry Day


Amber said...

I reread the Little Prince last week! I love, love, love that book.

And babies do not shrink in the dryer, so don't even try.

almamater said...

The Vaccine Book--ugh, such a difficult subject. On a brighter note, I have read in two different places of people finding that babies in the 2-4 month range seem to really enjoy the rhythm of Shakespeare. I haven't tried it, but BB being British and all, she might really latch on to some sonnets.

Amber, LOL!

The Daybook is a really simple, fun way to keep posting. Sometimes I write mine over a period of 24 hours, but still it is a nice, regular snippet into everyday life. Now if I could get the computer working properly, I would post a new one myself. :(

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