Monday, February 14, 2011

Daybook 2/14/11

Outside my is dark and getting cold again. However, it was nice enough earlier today that Blueberry and I went for a walk. So nice.

I am thinking...that while I agree that Valentine's Day has become a rather over-commercialized holiday (although one might ask what holiday's haven't), I'm a little tired of people claiming it as a "greeting card holiday" only.

I am thankful for...sister in laws who make fantastic lemon-meringue pie. Am currently eating the pie out of the pie pan (it's a mini-pan). Feels very decedent.

From the learning rooms...[or in our case--the learning brain]...Blueberry has almost mastered sitting up. Tooth number 3 has not yet materialized; although, it's obviously thinking about it. Wish it would hurry up. These random teething days are annoying. Blueberry has also begun paying much closer attention to the dogs lately. Mara Jade just kind of keeps her distance; however, Calista will be friends with anybody who will pet her (or poke her in the eye, apparently!).

From the kitchen...comes a pathetic lack of not much today. I had great plans for a nice romantic meal for Valentine's Day. Not so much. Did make Thai fried rice for lunch. Does that count?

I am jeans (yay! my old ones were all dying at the bottom) and a red, tunic/nursing top (also newish). I normally refuse to wear red or pink on Valentine's Day (it's the principle of the thing), but I broke that rule today both for me and for Blueberry. After all, we were experiencing a rather pathetic lack of Valentininess, so at least we could look the part!

I am creating...a new price list. As I've been not keeping up with sale shopping/CVSing for the last year-ish, my price lists have become woefully inaccurate (thanks to all the cost increases). So we're having to do some hard-core reworking of the price list. Time consuming but high money-saving value in the end.

I am do our taxes at some point this week.

I am reading.. . my newest Blogging for Books book. I've also been reading through the Wrinkle in Time series. I am, as always, awed by Madeline L'Engle's imagination and writing. She both inspires me and causes me to look at my own writing and shake my head woefully.

I am hoping...for a few good chunks of sleep tonight. Very tired.

I am hearing...the sound of the heater, my dear (and not feeling so good) husband playing on the Xbox and blissful silence. Thank goodness. Blueberry has finally mastered night time sleeping--as much as anyone and especially a 6 month old can master it--but naps have now gone out the window, much to my sorrow. I love her so much. But there at times when I desperately need her to just take a nap. It's a vicious cycle. Sleeping Blueberry = tired/highly needy; Refusal to nap = even more tired/needy = tired mommy.

Around the house...we have a mailbox again. That's good. I've missed my mail the last few days!

One of my favorite the way Blueberry reaches for my hand while she is nursing. Sometimes just to hold it; sometimes to play with my fingers. Always that desire for physical, skin-to-skin contact. There's nothing so soothing as holding a drowsy baby's hand.

A few plans for the rest of the week: go to several stores--we need groceries very badly; taxes; teach; hopefully see some girl friends; get some writing/editing work done; keep up with everything else like laundry and food!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing:

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almamater said...

Love the pic!! Very true about Saint Valentine...he lived and was martyred long before Hallmark started creating holidays.

Boy, I can sympathize about the baby who won't have the sixth consecutive baby who is not much for naps (except in the car and I am not above parking in a lot and napping while she naps. btdt.) The good news for me is I have older children who can keep an eye on Baby while their ol' ma catches a little catnap.

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