Saturday, March 12, 2011

Of Mice and Men

It's been an "of mice and men" sort of week for me. Not a bad week just all my plans going "aft agley."

Monday was my 30th birthday. Which I celebrated in the morning by spending 1.5 hours at the WIC office and then went grocery shopping for much needed groceries. About three and a half hours in, Blueberry finally succumbed to sleep for about 20 minutes after this abrupt change in nap schedule. Protested rather vehemently when I tried to take her out of her wrap and put her into her car seat to drive home. Then proceeded to refuse to nap again until much later in the afternoon thus causing an extra weight to be lugged around all afternoon (because Little Miss Cranky Pants--as she becomes known when not getting in a nap--will not play or be by herself at all when tired. Oh no. Must be carried!).

[On a random note--we did find out that Blueberry has finally doubled her birth weight at 7 months old. She is now 13lb 10oz. I was sorting out her next level of clothes this week and I had to laugh. She's long enough to fit all the 6-9 month clothes; however, the sizes on most of them say they are intended for babies 17-21lbs. Most of them I don't think it'll be a problem, but there are a few dresses that she might look a bit swamped in. We'll have to see.]

Any ways, back to Monday. As my real celebration had been on Saturday (lunch with my siblings/siblings-in-law [or to-be-in-law]) and a few friends and a delectable cake afterward, I wasn't particularly bothered by this crazy morning. Did splurge a little (they were on sale!) and make Cornish Hens for dinner. Nothing more decadent feeling than having the option of eating an entire bird by yourself for dinner.

The rest of the week has consisted of feeling like I'm not getting stuff done (not entirely true--just my perception) and both Blueberry and I feeling a smidgen off. She has a cold--which of course has made nursing frustrating for both of us. I have a sore throat (which I'm pretty sure is gluten related and not actually me having caught anything). All of which is particularly bad as we leave tomorrow evening to go see my parents and I don't feel half ready to go.

Any ways, the four blogs I've started and not finished this week will have to wait. Perhaps for next week. As for me, I'm off to tackle the rest of the laundry so I can then tackle the packing.

Enjoy your weekend!

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