Monday, March 21, 2011

On the First Day Back

So we flew back from Phoenix last night. Feels like I've hit the ground running. Since I got up this morning (thankfully Blueberry slept in this morning which meant I got to sleep in a bit as well) I've unpacked the suitcases and tidied up the mess, planned dinner, called the pediatrician and booked an appointment, went to said appointment (more on all that later), stopped to get Chris' glasses fixed (also more on that later--let's just say this one involves things going bump in the night that shouldn't do so), stopped by a store for a few things, sorted the mail that accumulated while we were gone, entertained a clingy little girl (shots), tentatively made some plans for the rest of the week, cleaned out some back-logged emails (several more to go if you're expecting to hear from me and haven't!), and am now taking a few minutes break before I go start actually making the planned dinner. Phew.

It's a gorgeous day outside, so all the windows are open and we're enjoying a good dose of sunshine with a cool breeze to counter-balance it. Three cheers for spring!

Anyhoo....more on the trip (and bumping night adventures) soon to come.

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