Monday, May 23, 2011

A Morning of Pins

So having nursed Blueberry at 3:30ish this morning, I then stayed up to say goodbye to my APs who flew off to Thailand. They've been staying with me the last two weeks as we had weddings and showers and baby dedications. I've really loved having them in the same country as me for the last two years. Spoiled me a bit, to be honest. But the time has come and once again we will have not just a few states but oceans between us for long gaps of time.

Result: I've been feeling a bit blue.

I couldn't fall back to sleep after they left the house (at 4:30am), so I was browsing on the internet. Add into that the dark and rainy day outside, my blue and tired mood, and a delightfully sleeping baby girl, and I have spent a lot of time playing with boards on Pinterest this morning! Rather soothing actually.

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is this fantastic site wherein you can put together boards of pictures that interest you. You can go visit my page here to get a better visual for what I'm talking about.

I love this site because I'm always finding images of ideas/dreams/things to make/places to go/etc on the Internet that I either bookmark or add to a list on Evernote. Bookmarks can end up being a mess. And Evernote, while I value it greatly and it has really helped keep me straight in my internet wanderings, isn't very good when it comes to the visual collections that I can do through Pinterest.

You can do practical posts (like this one I've been doing while researching what bike seat to get for Blueberry) or just fun posts (like my geek post) or dreamy posts (like my places I want to see post).

I just love it! And I find it to be an intriguing concept if you want to see what really makes people tick. After all--isn't a picture worth a thousand words?

PS. If you would like to become a member, it's an invitation only site. I have a few more invitations I can send, so drop me a comment on this post and I'll invite you!


Amber said...

A school friend invited me to pinterest a couple weeks ago. I hadn't joined...but you made it look fun. I'll play.

Ouph said...

Hope you enjoy it. I really find it a convenient tool to use as well as being just fun :)

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