Friday, April 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 17)

#1 - I have come to the conclusion that 2 hour baby naps are one of the best gifts. As my Mum expressed it once to me: "Children: love them when they're awake. Love them even more when they're asleep!"


#2 - Yes, I did watch the Royal Wedding this morning. I know. I'm crazy. Especially given how sleep deprived I've been lately. But really, how often do I get to see a royal wedding? Besides, the last one (Charles and Diana's) was the year I was born. It seemed rather apropos. And for the record, while William was always the cute one growing up, Harry has definitely inherited the better looks in the family in the long run. Blueberry was very obliging. Nursed at 4am, so I missed the first arrivals and what not at Westminster, but then she slept until 8am, so I got to see the actual ceremony, kiss, etc and take a nap! Thought the ceremony was really good; especially the Bishop of London's address and Kate's brother's reading of 1 Corinthians 13. Sure he was well-coached, but it was nicely done.


#3 - I have a new "I have a cold and need a cure" go-to remedy. Ever heard of a Netti Pot? Yup, that's a tea-pot up her nose. And it works like a charm. Have been suffering on and off with a severe head-cold/sore throat for about a month now. One night of the Netti Pot and I was feeling better already. Still a bit stuffed up now, but considering how bad it was, I'm impressed.


#4 - I can't believe I haven't posted since the beginning of the month. Still haven't talked about my Arizona trip yet never mind my Tennessee trip and let's not even discuss my husband's hospital adventure. Must get busy! Oh and Easter! Can't forget that!


#5 - Blueberry news: has 1 new tooth (for a total of 3), is currently trying to push out an additional 5 (all on top--all at the same time--it's been a lot of fun). Is doing her best to figure out how to crawl. She's getting pretty good at getting up to her knees, but can't go anywhere. Also is having a grand time learning to pull herself up on things. My question remains is she going to actually crawl or just decide to take of walking first? We have also discovered she loves swings in parks. And taking her to a zoo or just to look at animals at all is fantastically fun as she gets so excited. She has also become much more interested in really looking at books the last few weeks. About dies laughing sometimes at some of them.


#6 - Currently am busy preparing for my baby sister's wedding which is in 2 weeks. Well, wedding and shower. I can't believe she's getting married.


#7 - Because I can't bear to leave you without a new picture of my Blueberry: She's discovered the joys of the Tupperware cupboard.

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Hillery said...

Yay, an update! Though I actually probably know more than a blog update, ha! Still love to read your blog, no matter how often we talk.

As for Charlotte crawling--I think she will crawl before walking. She is doing what is appropriate for her age and stage. Pulling up and standing should happen at the same time as beginning to crawl. Just watch, once she gets those legs moving, and figures out she can crawl, walking will wait as crawling will be much faster and safer for awhile! The main reason I even know all of this is because of Lily's delays. I looke up milestones the other day and was rather shocked at the things she is behind on and the things that she is way ahead on! She is ahead in talking (we now have 5 words she uses appropriately). But is behind in crawling, pulling up, sitting up from prone, rolling, standing, eating, and it goes on. But she will get there!

I know you will blog again someday. Maybe when your sister is married and you have a semi-normal routine again! haha!

Oh, and I watched the royal wedding too, but not in the middle of the night! I thought Kate looked beautiful, I approve of her dress much more than Diana's, but hey, it was the '80's.

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