Friday, January 11, 2013

January 2013

Resolved: (This particular resolution is in flux in terms of wording as it is going to need to change every month. The basic goal--to mindfully consider my roles in life and focus on how to best accomplish them). To continue/finish preparing myself mentally, physically (both myself and my house), and emotionally for this baby.

As of today, I think I'm getting there. Oh sure there is a never ending list of things to do, but I feel much more confident and prepared than I did even a week ago. And, frankly, I'm finally really feeling excited to meet this young man and see what he's going to bring to my life. Theoretically, by the end of this next shift (we just came back on duty--so Wednesday/Thursday of next week), the final, major physical touches will all be in place in our home...and everything else is just frosting.

Resolved: To work on a specific habit every month that I want to build into my life.

This month's habit is one that I physically need and that is simply drinking more water. I used to be great with how much water I drank, and over the last year, I've found myself struggling to keep this up. So, as I desperately need to be hydrated right now, this is my first habit to re-establish in my life.

Resolved: To work through our home over the course of the year and apply the principles of minimalism and decluttering that I've been devouring for the last few years.

Now, this month I'm giving myself somewhat of a break on this resolution, as I, frankly, have enough on my plate as it is. However, in preparing our home for the arrival of Baby Q, I did sort through Blueberry's room and get rid of a number of things that were simply taking up space. It wasn't necessarily as purposeful as I would like to get, but at this point, I count it a win for the month!

Resolved: To continue to pay off any and all debt that we have accumulated, and not to accumulate any more. The goal is by the end of the year to have paid off a number of little bills that have piled up (thank you health related issues) and new well as get Chris' second, small student loan paid off.

This month--We paid the last (by faith I state this) of all baby-related fees and so can welcome Baby Q into our home without any unresolved debt related to his birth.

Resolved: To read through some books in a purposeful manner this year. Monthly, I have a goal of the following four items:
1. Faithfully follow a devotional of some sort. I have actually taken on two (in addition to my regular scripture reading). Glimpses of Grace which is a compilation of Madeline L'Engle's writings put into daily, snippet format. As she is frequently an author I find myself turning to for snatches of spiritual inspiration, I've been enjoying reading this. In addition, I have been reading Beth Moore's book, Praying God's Word. I'm enjoying how she literally is dealing with various topics in a prayer format, just applying direct scripture. So far, so good. I list it with this because I want some accountability in this aspect of my reading this year.  I enjoy the enrichment of books in addition to basic scripture, but I do have a tendency to sputter out part way through.

2. Fiction Re-Read: Because I'm always seeking my comfort books. But I'm trying to limit my comfort zone a little bit. This month (well, it started in December), I reread the Hunger Games trilogy. Just finished Mockingjay. Really is a fascinating story.

3. Non-Fiction New: Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation by Pam England. This was a book lent to me by my midwife, and I've really enjoyed it. She uses a lot of art forms (written and visual) to teach birth preparation classes. Although I didn't really participate in the actual activities themselves, I enjoyed the perspective she provided (which I found to be very balanced--refreshing) and insightful in many ways.

4. Other New: This can be a fiction book or a nonfiction, depending on what is interesting me at the moment. This book is being decided on as I type. So no news there.

As far as I'm concerned, any other reading is just bonus :) 

Note: This particular post will normally be a little later in the month. But this was all on my brain, and so I decided to go ahead and share here and get it out of my brain and into action. Perhaps I shall do a January 2013 Part II post later. Or perhaps I shall just be buried in baby mooning and shall leave you hanging until the end of February.

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almamater said...

Excellent resolutions. So excited for Birth-Day!!

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