Friday, January 25, 2013

Waiting and Living

Well, between the nesting, the nausea, the bursts of energy followed by tiredness, all bundled up together with the bouts of contractions that seem like they're about to go somewhere and then just stop...I've decided Baby Q is a tease.

Its funny. With Blueberry, I was not actually ready for her to come when I went into labor. With Baby Q I'm pretty much begging him to come on out! A large part of that really has been this never ending stream of contractions; long enough and heavy enough to get my hopes up, and then dying off into nothingness. Again. And again. And again. For several weeks now. Bah!

We go off duty again tonight. Its been a month of crazy shifts with lots of comings and goings. Our little Butterfly is being prepped to return to her mom--successfully this time, i hope. And Wednesday night we found out that our Squirrel is being reunited with some family as well...Today! Nothing like a bit of last minute packing up of a child to keep you busy in an already busy week.

As I write this, Squirrel and Blueberry are holding Doggie a funeral. They've built him a bier and are now crashing on the piano, playing him a song. He apparently died from losing all of his teeth. Sigh. Blueberry is going to be missing both these little girls quite a bit. Admittedly, I will too. Mind you, the lower numbers in the cottage, however temporary, will be a blessing during this transition period.

I finally got my sign off from the nurse practitioner at the health clinic in town--a sign off needed saying I'm still a good candidate for home birth. Not my favorite lady in the world. I about laughed in her face when I went in to see her the other day and she inquired about swelling of my ankles while closely observing my then very swollen ankles. I admit to a little bit of snarkiness when I told her that I've had minimum swelling this whole pregnancy, but having sat for THREE HOURS in the waiting room for the appointment, yes, my ankles had swollen! I just love government health care.

I think my biggest issue has been the carpal tunnel syndrome I've had in my wrists this pregnancy. Driving me crazy! I had some with Blueberry but its been much worse this time. Which is odd as the amount of time I'm on the computer now is far less than it was when I was pregnant with Blueberry.

Anyhoo...that's the general update. Soon and very soon....this little man has to come out!

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