Monday, August 26, 2013

Continuing to Catch up From the Summers--a visit

So what other craziness did we get up to this summer? Well, one of my most fun things were two sets of visitors.

The first set of visitors came in the shape of Chris' aunt and uncle and their six children. My word how tall they have all gotten--the children not the aunt and uncle!

It was just an overnight visit (no, they didn't stay with us--sadly we just don't have that kind of room for guests!), but very much enjoyed nonetheless. We broke bread together twice and took a couple of walks: one around our beautiful campus and the other to downtown Hot Springs to look at--what else--the hot springs!

Oh, and the trip had the added benefit of proving to Turtle that "normal families" really do drive big white vans so she can get off her high horse about having to drive around in the cottage white van.

As it was simplest to explain to Blueberry that these were her cousins (as opposed to first-cousins-once-removed on your dad's least I think that's how that works), she has since stated multiple times "do you 'member by cousins come visit? I like them." All in all a very encouraging statement towards future visits!

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