Monday, February 2, 2015

Daybook -- February 2, 2015

Outside my window...It is bucketing down with rain. Such a gloomy day. Post-Superbowl depression?

I am thinking...that I forgot to write our cottage sponsorship letter for January. Oops! Guess I should get that done ASAP! I have a reputation to uphold for staying on top of those.

I am thankful for...a good group of cottage girls. They make life cheerful and satisfying. I know it won't stay this way for long, but I'm enjoying it while we have it.

From the learning rooms...[or in our case--the learning brain]...Baby Z is changing every day. His language skills are growing exponentially. And his interactions with toys and people are great. He is so much more focused on exploring and analyzing "things" than his sister ever was. He will sit and play with a toy for a long time, enjoying what he can make with them and do. I love it.

From the kitchen...Came quite a lot of yummy food yesterday. We had chicken wings and french fries (sweet potato fries for those of us attempting more paleoesque eating....we won't mention the batch of GF brownies that I couldn't resist making) and cheese dip and chips and veggie trays. In addition to brownies and cookies and other yumminess. How to convert girls to the Superbowl? Feed them well.

I am wearing...Sweats and a shirt because in order to get some writing time in and some exercise time in, I have to do both first thing in the morning before my smallest are allowed out and about. Because once they're out, I'm done for!

I am creating...Valentine's day and birthday plans. A 2 year old party (just cake and presents this year) and of course V-day fun for all my kids.

I am going...tonight, to take one of the girls to her second ballet class at a proper studio. As a Christmas present from one of the groups, they kindly gave her a semester of ballet classes. While I'm grateful that she is getting this experience, the ballet snob in me is cringing a little bit because the studio itself, just from initial feel, is not one I would have chosen. Highly competition focused and not very professional feeling. Interestingly enough, I was talking to a friend the other day, and she said that someone else had just had that same vibe from that studio, so it made me feel a little less snobby and instead feel like I can chalk it up to sheer experience (ha ha).

In my mailbox today.. .should hopefully be some presents that I've ordered for the above mentioned events. More wooden train tracks for Baby Z's trains to run on. We are train obsessed currently. And I'm good with it.

I am reading.. .a series of books called The Blue Doors. This is actually a very old young adult series that I only ever read the first one of growing up, and I finally got my hands on all five of the books (quite short), and have been enjoying reading the rest of the series. The first book, The Swish of the Curtain (Pamela Brown being the, at the time, 14 year old author!) was one of my favorites, and I can't begin to count how many times I read it. It's a very theatrical series, and quite a good read....just like getting closure!

I am stick well with this paleo eating thing for awhile as I really am enjoying how it is making me feel (minus a few exceptions like some chocolate and the occasional GF brownie). I'm finding my limits and learning how to best utilize them.

I am hearing...the sounds of the cottage girls getting ready for their day (giggles and vacuums and the occasional question coming my way). And wind howling around the side of the house. Really, it's best described as wuthering.

Around the house...I am officially unpacked and have most of our new decor from Thailand hung up/placed as desired. Happiness is pictures of elephants and floating markets.

One of my favorite things...watching my daughter interact with different groups of people. She has grown up around older kids her whole life, and I don't know if it's that or just her personality, but she has quite a level of maturity to her in her interactions with all kids (both her age and older). I'm curious to see how this works out in her life as she grows up.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
- ballet classes x3 (one cottage girl, one Blueberry, and I need to start back up with the campus girls)
- one birthday party to plan for and have
- Prayer session (we're doing a ten week class on campus)
- staff meeting
- weekend plans, TBD. Girls want to go shopping. I guess we'll see.

Here is picture (or more) for thought I am sharing...
This hands-behind-the-back thing is very new and extremely cute.

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