Thursday, July 10, 2008

boo spaghetti

My adventure with food this month has been to start reintroducing foods to my diet, one by one, to find out what my body can handle without freaking out on me again!

I have found I can successfully have (drum roll please)...
  • eggs
  • soy sauce (in limited amounts)
  • shrimp

I have sadly found that I am extremely intolerant of

  • cow's milk
  • wheat or gluten (still determining which)
  • and strawberries.

The wheat/gluten issue is definitely the worst. All three gave me quick headaches and caused me to break out in little bumps everywhere; however, the spaghetti I ate on Monday flat out made me sick. Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick. My stomach's been upset, I immediately became bloated and gross feeling, and the worst is the muscle aching. It's like streaks of toxins form at my neck and run straight down both arms and down my legs making me so swollen, sore, and painful. The really interesting reaction though was the exhaustion. If you'll remember, I talked about how tired I've been for such a long time - crashing with weariness as soon as I get home at night, almost falling asleep at work, having a horrible time getting out of bed in teh morning. Well, in the last few months of limited eating, that exhaustion has really cleared up. However, the last few days, I've been extremely, abnormally tired again. Oh, and my allergies have promptly started acting up again.

It's incredable how much food can completely affect you.

My current goal is to figure out if it's the gluten or the wheat that bothers me. With that knowledge, my life will be changing a lot.

Oh, I also tried vanilla rice milk with cocoa powder mixed in. Not bad, and the cocoa doesn't seem to affect me. I'll keep trying that for a few days and see how I do. If the chocoalte doesn't seem to bother me, then I'll have a good jumping spot from which to test SUGAR!

Ah the joys of my current crazy life!

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