Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Green Stuff

On a website I am a member of, there has been a discussion going on regarding environmentalism, etc. The following is my post on it. Just some thoughts I've had in watching the "green" movement.

As with any movement, extremes are going to be found. Even (dare I say it) in AG churches can you find some people with extreme beliefs. And for good or for bad, there are beliefs that our founders held that we don't follow today - card playing being a good example here!

My husband once told some rather gullible teenagers that he was so touched having heard a news-story on PETA claming having pets is animal-slavery, that he went home and threw our fish off the balcony proclaiming "you are free!" Naturally, the girls were horrified, but it did get them thinking. The point is, any idea, good or bad, can be taken in such a way as to represent an extreme.

Am I a fan of global warming and carbon footprints, etc? No. In my personal view and from personal study, I believe most of these ideas are being built on extremist views, guilt trips, fear mongering, and a determination to make humanity feel it is completely worthless in it's existence. I do believe that some of this is a beautiful tool that Satan uses to devalue humanity and therefore lead people into the questioning of the value of their existence.

However, the fact that in my experience the church has developed a reputation for being anti-green is not a positive thing either. I do believe that God created this world in a manner that exceeds scientist's understanding and that without His say-so, we cannot destroy His creation. BUT, I believe that we do hold a responsibility to care for what He has given us. And here, I'm talking about some of the more basic environmental ideas that oftentimes get tossed aside as people talk about some of the bigger ideas that are out there. What is wrong with trying to physically clean up/improve the environment around us? To share care for the world our Lord created? Yet so often we focus only on the extreme views without factoring in that maybe we do have a responsibility. And as a result, people can become isolated from the church because they don’t believe that the church values some of the ideas they hold near and dear.

And while I really am not "green" as defined by most people, I will admit to making my own cleaning supplies. I started doing so not because of the green aspect but because it is (a) way cheaper and (b) healthier as I'm not putting all those chemicals into my house/body/world.

And, through my own personal health issues, I am discovering how much what we as consumers say is acceptable for companies to put into the foods and products they manufacturer is actually hurting us. California is one of those states often mocked for a lot of their green laws, but I know people who can eat and drink products made under their laws who get sick eating/drinking the same products made under the less-strict regulations of other states.

Just my thoughts!

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