Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bruised, Broke, and Bread

No, this is not a sermon or any such; although, I thought it would be a great title for one! That is the summary of my past couple weeks and my adventures in food.

So, two weekends ago, I managed to narrow down the wheat/gluten question to, sadly, gluten. And so, last Tuesday, I took the dive and voluntarily went to the doctor’s to get poked with a needle (very anti-needle). And of course they couldn’t do it right, and I’ve wound up with bruises on my arms, one of which is quite nasty looking!

Why did I volunteer to be poked with needles? Well, I’ve always know that if it came down to a gluten problem, I needed to be tested for celiac disease – the serious end of a gluten intolerance problem. And since it’s hard to test for celiac if you’re on a no-gluten diet (I had to hope that by eating gluten products a few times for a week previous that would be enough to indicate it on the blood work), I had to torture myself by continuing to eat gluten filled things for a few days.

Talk about making yourself ill!

Anyhoo…the test results have come back. Thankfully, celiac did not show up. However, gluten intolerance is still a problem that I now I have to learn to deal with on a regular basis.

So, after sulking and feeling sorry for myself for a week (had to get it out of my system!), I took the plunge on Sunday and spent an obscene amount of money at the health food store to buy myself flours and other gluten friendly baking products so I can start working on making myself breads, etc. I have lived without bread now for about two and a half months. And let me tell you, even though I’m not a big bread fan, I’ve missed it!

Chris was picking on me though, at the store, because I had been really frustrated that morning for breakfast having absolutely no easy access foods I could grab (problem being compounded by the fact that I’m still testing out other foods as well as dealing with this issue). So we went to the store and bought some of those along with the baking supplies, and after all my hard work recently at saving money on shopping, etc, seeing the price for what we bought, was very disheartening. However, he informed me that I couldn’t have it both ways – I couldn’t be upset over having nothing to eat and be upset over the cost of getting food! I told him I’m a girl and I could if I wanted to.

Why is that argument never impresses him?

Any ways, I’m blessed with two very sensible friends who have had experiences in this area, and so quickly was given some helpful websites/recipes from them. I made a recipe titled “Sticky bread” first. And let me tell you, it’s sticky all right! However, it’s also fantastic. I would eat this bread even if I didn’t have too! So that cheered me up quite a bit.

And now, the time has come for me to work at getting my food/eating back to what will be for me, “normal”. It’s been pretty rough the last few months (blessings on a patient husband who’s put up with my lack of normal cooking and weird eating), and now that I know what one of the biggest problems is – it’s time to deal with it.

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