Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny Dogs

One of the jobs around the house my darling husband takes care of is that of washing the dogs. We do this rather wet job in the guest bathroom tub (don't worry, if you're ever staying at our house, we do clean it out!). He has the dogs well trained via treats in the tub. They don't necessarily like the bath but they tolerate them for the sake of the treats they get.

He has them trained to turn around in the tub so he can scrub their back end and one of their biggest tricks is to shake when he tells them to shake (with him outside the tub and the curtain safely drawn).

So as I sat in our living room, he was giving Mara Jade (the smaller of the two dogs) a bath. Calista, typically, was pacing around nervously being (a) seperated from her beloved Mara and (b) jealous of Mara getting treats and her not.

As Mara came to the end of her bath, I heard Chris in the bathroom telling her to shake. And all of the sudden to my great amusement, I hear the flapping of Calista's ears and tail as she proceeded to follow instructions very well and shake! Needless to say she earned herself a treat. Partially for being such an obedient dog and partially for just making us laugh.

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HPTeach said...

I love that! Pepe enjoys baths, but his breed really likes water. Once my parents took him on a walk to a pond. Instead of him just sitting there barking at the ducks, he walked right in to get them. Needless to say, he needed a bath then!

I must learn Chris' method of teaching them how to shake until told to. That would be so helpful!

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