Wednesday, September 17, 2008

FlyLadying - Week 2 September

Home Blessing - I wasn't very good about blessing my home last week. Probably because I was sick again most of last week and miserable. Tends to really affect how much I can do.

Zone - Kitchen: Theoretically, I'm supposed to just do 15 minutes a day in whatever zone I'm working on and not work on the weekend. However, given how tired I've often been during the week lately, I'm not always succeeding at doing this. So, this weekend when I was feeling better, I tackled my kitchen on Saturday. And boy did it need it!

The biggest thing I needed to do was to declutter my cupboards. Now, I'm normally pretty good about not hanging on to kitchen stuff that I don't use. I really don't like lots of random items around that just take up space.

What I did need to get rid of was food. Yup, lots and lots of food. Basically all the items that are perfectly good but were things that were gluten filled. Don't get me wrong, we've still got plenty of gluten contaminated food in the house. However, these were things that either I bought for myself to eat and Chris doesn't really like or things that I cook with (for example, cream of ____ soups) but there's no way Chris will eat without them being IN something. And since they were all lurking there taking up space in my cupboard now desperately needed for a whole slew of flours and other new gluten-free items....they had to go! And besides, I think I'm becoming paranoid of accidentally grabbing the wrong thing and poisoning myself.

So I now have quite a large box of food that needs to be given away (we have some receipients in mind).

In with all of this food decontamination, I also rearranged our pots and pans. I hate pots and pans. They don't fit. They're always falling over and getting in the way and driving me crazy. But obviously, as they are absolutely necessities to life, I can't just get rid of them. Chris helped me with this, and I think between the two of us, we did a good job rearranging. We'll see how it goes in the next few weeks. If I start kicking them again, obviously a bad sign!

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