Friday, January 30, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (vol.1)

#1 - For awhile now I've (in my spare moments - ha!) contemplated the best way to put into my blog the random thoughts, happenings, and such that I run into on a regular basis. Things that I don't necessarily want to devote a whole post to but things that, regardless, would nice to throw in here. And so, I'm going to try linking to Jennifer at Conversion Diary's weekly "7 Quick Takes Friday". And so here you go. My first attempt!


#2 - A Snowy Wintry Walk with Two Silly Puppies

Playing catch with snow


#3 - The downfall of days off and such things as snow days is that the work is always there when you come back. And somehow deadlines always seem to feel frighteningly closer after two days off than they did the day before you took that time off!


#4 - Chris and I watched Amelie on Wednesday while we were off. That was an interesting movie--definitely very French! I first heard about the movie because it has some piano pieces in it that I've been learning. As Chris put it, one shouldn't stereotype an entire culture because of a movie, and yet sometimes it's very easy to do.


#5 - Have you ever noticed that inevitably, as soon as you make plans to do something with somebody, you immediately get at least one other invitation from someone else to do something with them at the exact same time? Or is that just me?

#6 - I had a phone call from a telemarketer the other day who was apparently offended by the fact that we don't watch enough TV to justify buying a satellite subscription and that our converter box and antenna alone do the job just fine. As he put it (in a very snotty voice), "Well, I guess that's your problem then." and hung up on me. To which I would have liked to have responded, "Yes, Yes it is."

#7 - As I failed to plan a menu for this week (I know, I know...hey, habits develop over time, all right. Besides, I knew we had enough in the way of leftovers that I wasn't really going to need to do a lot of cooking this week), I have no idea what I need to focus on baking this weekend. I have now a whole slew of recipes to try, but only so much time to actually create the items found on those recipes. I suppose it's a good problem to have but sometimes making those decisions can very stressful! I'll let you know what I come up with. And, ultimately, I'm glad that if I'm struggling with food it's a struggle of having to many options as compared to the struggle I was going through several months ago of feeling that I had way too few options.

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lvschant said...

Beautiful snow... we live in a place where there hasn't been ANY snow since we have moved here (last June). My children would be so jealous!

Thanks so much for sharing.

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