Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Love Found

When we went to Texas for Christmas this year, as we were driving through (and getting lost in) Dallas, I noticed a store I had never seen before. It was as if the heavens had opened and a ray of light shone down upon the magnificent building, drawing my eye to it's delightful name. OK, maybe it was just the neon light of the store name brightening up the dark evening (Texas apparently doesn't believe in street lights), but either way, it definitely drew my attention. And birthed in me a rather extreme desire to see inside the store. The Container Store.

The name alone was enough to send shivers of delightful anticipation down my spine. A store full of containers. The Store full of containers. How much more heavenly can you get when you're an organizational manic?

However, as we had yet several more hours of driving before we reached our destination, I had to simply look wistfully out the window as the store of my dreams slowly faded away behind us as we sped on our way. Sighing for my lost true love of a store yet helpless to act, I resigned myself to "maybe someday."

And then we arrived at our destination. And Chris and I went out to do some shopping/exploring. And behold my delight when not only did the town we were in have The Container Store, but my darling husband (despite being slightly sick and very stuffy) was more than happy to let his container-crazed wife go inside!

Normally such a highly anticipated, longed for event would end in disaster. Because, after all, people's imaginations tend to have expectations higher than reality actually affords. At least in my experience. But not there. Not at my beloved store.

Row upon row, shelf upon shelf, was filled with ingenious containers to satisfy even my before unknown ideas for storage and organization. Such inspiration to be found, such selection of shades and materials to please even the most picky of individuals was found at The Container Store.

And so I confess to it, a new love in my life. A store which will, no-doubt, become a regular stopping place for me on future visits to my wonderful aunt- and uncle-in-law. (Although my frugal side secretly will admit that it's a good thing we don't have one of those stores in our town. The temptation might prove to be too great!)

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Hillery said...

Since my aunt and uncle live near Dallas, when we go there for Thanksgiving, the girls of the family usually have to make a pilgrimage to the container store! ha ha! Its a girl thing, definitely.

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