Sunday, March 28, 2010

Registry and Baby Bottles

I went out this afternoon with a dear friend and started working on our baby registry.

First of all, I have to say the following. The amount warnings and things to avoid is kind of ridiculous. I suppose I could just stick Blueberry in a bubble for a few years and be done with it. Of course that kind of takes the point out of, well, life....but hey! I'll be following all the warnings (as long as the bubble is bpa free and latex free and lead free and....).

Any ways, other than that minor detail--it was simultaneously fun and stressful. Fun because registering in general is always fun. Stressful because there were so many things that I felt I couldn't make an educated decision on because, well, I don't know enough!

For example. Let's talk baby bottles. Glass? Plastic? How many do I need? I'm planning on breastfeeding, hopefully exclusively, but with the offer of a breast pump from someone, I'd like to be able to utilize bottles occasionally as well. This evening I spent some time online looking at reviews on bottles. Found ones that people love; and the exact some ones are ones that other people hate and swear they will never use again!

I finally wound up putting 4 different ones down on the registry (we're registering at 2 places: Target and Babies R Us). But I'm not sure I particularly want all those bottles on the registry. It's kind of more of a placeholder for now until I can narrow it down further. Here's what I have currently. Any suggestions or insight are more than welcome!

  • Everflo glass bottles
  • Dr Brown's Natural Flow (plastic)
  • BornFree plastic
  • Tommee Tippee (very British!) plastic

And while we're at it. What about pacifiers?

And by the way, I'm probably going to putting up several posts along these lines. So come with your thinking caps on!


Anonymous said...

Once Brooks entertained one of our babies with a bottle while I stood up in a wedding. And we filled a couple of bottles with breastmilk right before I had an appendectomy; I can't remember if that baby drank from the bottle or not. Otherwise have never utilized a bottle.

My youngest used a pacifier for very brief bits from time to time, otherwise I'd say Ian wins the contest for spitting the thing the furthest distance when he was a baby. BUT, some babies really like the pacifier, so I am not condemning of them entirely. They are kind of a bother to keep track of and keep clean. They ought, in my always humble opinion, not be used to "keep baby quiet" but only in the case of those babies who just really need a lot of extra sucking for comfort.

Okay, then. There is my little experience with those two items, fwiw.

What you need for a newborn:

diapers, onesies, carseat, blankets and Mama (for food, comfort, warmth, entertainment, etc) & Dad

Buy everything else on an as needed basis.

umm...that's all I can think of right now. ;)

Love, A. J

Hillery said...

Hmmm, never used any of those. I also like the idea of the glass bottles, but not sure about the nipple design. Dr. Browns, not sure how to get that little straw clean in them. Born Free might be a good choice. I would go with Tommee Tippee out of this list though.

I used Playtex with Gabbie. The kind with the disposable bag insert that has a plastic casing and brown nipples. They worked well, no air bubbles, and easy to clean as you only need to sanitize the nipples and rings instead of a whole bottle. Also easy for breast milk storage as you can freeze milk in Lansinoh bags, and then just attach them to the bottle, one less step. And the nipples are designed to be more like breast, never had trouble with them.

Avent was alright. A lot more cleaning, more steps, etc. But seemed to be okay. Avent does have a leaking issue. There are air vents in them that you have to know about and hold the bottles just right so as to not have them leak everywhere, kind of annoying.

HPTeach said...

Well, as you know I use Avent and love them. Yes, they do leak but I just re-adjust the lid and everything is fine. Again it's a personal thing, it may take a couple bottles to decide what you like!

I had about 4 bottles when I was just breastfeeding. All I used them for were those times when I needed to be gone (teaching) and had to pump before leaving.

Binkies (pacifiers, fullers, whatever you decide to call them) again I just stuck with Avent. I do like the ones that they give to the babies in the hospital though, they fit the babies mouths so well. Heath isn't really a binky kid, but Tristan was. It depends on the baby. But I can say that SIDs researchers are saying to put your kiddos down with a binky for naps and bedtime because it can possibly cut down on SID cases. It somehow reminds them to suck and breath. Plus the nurses in the NICU gave it to Tristan as much as possible to practice his sucking motion. Really it all depends on what you want and what the baby needs.

Love ya! So excited!!!!

Hillery said...

With pacifiers, as with bottles, everyone has a favorite, or doesn't like them! ha! Gabbie loved her "bup" and I wondered if she would ever give it up, but she did on her own, at 3! She liked MAM and that alone. Be warned that once they decide on one, the rest are useless! Other people love Avent, or Nuk, and their babies will only take those. There are pacies that have these weird thing on them that cover them if dropped, kind of funny! I think I saw them at Motherhood in the mall.

Oh, and I love Aunt Jenny's comment about what you need for a baby! She really is right, the rest is fluff!

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